Blog 7: Writing as a Newcomer

When I first began writing in the journalism field at the beginning of my junior year, there was certainly a learning process in the first few weeks on the job. The AP Style can be a very picky style in which there are certain small details to a story and writing that are unique to that style. It would be nearly impossible to memorize all of the different technicalities, but after a few weeks I had a better understanding of the most common mistakes and avoided those. Aside from looking at the AP Style handbook, the way I overcame this challenge was just simply experience.

Blog 9: Upgrading!

A couple days ago I had received an email from my supervisor saying that I can now create am author's bio on their website and include links to any of my other writing samples or social media or things alike! One of the most exciting things about this part is that I can now leave a link to my digital portfolio and actually have people find me and see what kind of work I do. Aside from employers, I was beginning to wonder who else might see my digital portfolio and now this is a way I can gain more audience members.

Writing Careers within the Legal Field

My internship at the Kent County Court House has opened my eyes to a whole world of legal proceedings that I previously knew nothing about. From learning basic legal terms and abbreviations to understanding the role of each person in and out of the courtroom, I have had an open opportunity to learn as much or as little as I would like. While I spend most of my time taking notes and writing, I also have the freedom to explore whatever catches my interest. I have spoken to prosecutors, probation officers, law clerks, translator, and judges.

Blog 8, Late but in good shape

I'm having a hard time keeping up with these blogs in the mess of everything else going on in my life. It's really interesting have to keep one of these about the work I am doing, but it does make sense. This last week, and into this week, I have been working on editing highlights of the podcast! I'm not doing anything fancy, but now that we've got an introduction, we thought it would be a great idea to have clips from the show that are interesting, insightful, or just plain funny.

Internship Update

The internship has been going good still. I am continuing the revision process of a grant we are currently working on and also drafted guidelines and notes about what should go into grant proposals from a workshop that I attended with the nonprofit's founder. I learned a lot from the grant writing workshop. It really helped me understand all of the components of writing a grant proposal and the different aspects I need to consider when drafting a grant.

Blog 7: Reading

I really enjoyed this reading. It was very reassuring and eye opening. It really helped me view my internship experience in a different way. I have reached that stage in my internship where I am obsessively emailing and checking any new developments within the company. Perfectionism has always been a fault of mine, and this reading really helped me reevaluate that part of myself.

Blog 8 : Developments

Recent developments in my internship have been occurring, but at a rather slow pace. Currently, I am working on a raffle for the company that deals with not only ordering the prizes, but printing off cards and shipping out the prizes myself. This has deemed itself to be somewhat challenging, as I do not possess a car. However, I am working to the best of my ability to get the required elements done before the deadline that my brother has provided for me. I have also finished another marketing project which involved analyzing scripts for a video campaign the company is doing.


The most recent development in this internship is the addition of criticisms for me personally. Balancing this internship with work and other school responsibilities has been a really big challenge for me this semester, and it's something I've come to realize that I need to work on. The main criticism that I have received is about my timeliness for assignments and also projects that I am required to complete. This has not come as much from the internship site, as much as it has come from the internship class.

Blog 8: Keeping Up

Lately my biggest concern with my internship is a general quality of becoming slightly burnt out. This semester has been a difficult one for me, because I've hardly been stretched any thinner before. I'm working two jobs and doing the internship, on top of my last couple of classes. I put in about 50 hours a week just to show up to all of those things, so that's not including all the stuff I have to do outside of work/school hours, as well as extracurricular obligations like fishladder or the Grand Valley Journal of History.

Blog 8: Developing new skills

Working for the Grand Valley Lanthorn has allowed me to develop skills in the writing field that I might not have otherwise and that will help me market myself in the job search. Other than the obvious of learning journalistic writing and AP Style, working for the Lanthorn has taught me how to better work with writers.