WAR Int'l Internship

This semester I will be working as an intern for Women at Risk International of Grand Rapids. My position is as a technical and creative writing intern. I will help the organization with different writing tasks in a mix of creative and professional writing, on their blog for example. I will be given different projects during my time there which will help the organization. I will also read from their selected book list and gain more knowledge about the issues they help to combat.

Interning for Rev Web

I'll be interning for Rev Web, a company that builds websites and handles web content writing, social media presence, and SEO integration for various companies. I'm expected to produce regular blog posts and social media updates for our clients, as occasionally for Rev Web itself. I've always considered myself a creative writer at heart, but there's a special challenging in figuring out the context of professional writing situations and being as productively creative within them. I also think professional writing is perhaps infinitely more lucrative than creative writing.

Be A Rose Internship

I am interning at Be A Rose, which is a nonprofit organization based in Grand Rapids. Their goal is to empower women by educating women on their sexual health, as well as providing feminine hygiene products to underprivileged women and girls. I have been brought on to write grants to help fund this new organization, as well as aid with their graphic and document design to promote Be A Rose and bring awareness to the issues they focus on. My goals are to continue developing design skills and use my experience with a nonprofit to help with my long-term career path.

Interning for Women's LifeStyle Magazine- Day 1

Starting my first day as an intern yesterday, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Being a small office that only has a few concrete people on staff, I was told I was going to be a doing a little bit of everything. Content writers only contribute from their free time and aren't paid which I think takes the magazine to a whole new level because people truly want to spend their time writing for it.

Content Creation and Community Outreach for the SAP

I will be interning at the Sustainable Agriculture Project on Grand Valley's campus, which is essentially a farm that uses sustainable means. The farm on campus has not had a creative intern before, so I am pioneering the position and working to ultimately create a position that could be filled by other writing majors in the future should they have interest in farming, the environment, or creating content for an organization for public consumption.

Writing through the World Wide Web with Pure Visibility!

Putting a business online isn't enough. In a Google-dominated world, you have to make sure it's actually seen.

And that's exactly what I'm helping Pure Visibility do for its clients. A rapidly growing digital marketing nestled in the well-caffeinated heart of Ann Arbor's Kerrytown district, Pure Visibility has been helping clients in various industries—from foodservice and education to cloud computing and industrial steel—make an impact on the web, whether it's on Google's first page, an industry influencer's feed, or on their own blog.

Virtual Internship with App to Succeed

App to Succeed is a company that desires to teach teens about personal financing and to educate them to be able to handle their own current and future financial affairs. Through an online program, teens will get relevant and useful information about all kinds of topics regarding financing in order for them to feel fully educated about the topic once they have completed the program.

Internship with SkipFiction

I will be working with the SkipFiction blog, reporting on the artistic culture in Grand Rapids through writing and advertising, primarily on SkipFiction's social media. I will learn how to better write in a journalistic format, manage accounts on multiple social media platforms and manage advertisers on the blog site as well as create ads for SkipFiciton specifically. I hope to implement my knowledge from the courses I've taken at Grand Valley, in writing and advertising to the responsibilities I have at SkipFiciton.