Internship Beginnings

The first couple weeks of interning at Be A Rose has been a lot of getting familiar with the organization and the work they do, in order to complete my tasks effectively. I met with my supervisor a few times talking over the things I could work on before our next meeting and asking questions when they arise.

What I've Learned

So far in my experience at my internship I've learned that I am much happier when I have a job to do and a goal set for myself. Sometimes in these first few weeks I will just have ongoing busy-work to occupy me, rather than a project with a time constraint and a definite goal. When I have these projects to do I've found that it's much easier to stay focused and motivated in order to get something done well and finished before my deadline.

First Project = Lots of Research

These first few weeks, I’ve been excited to be working on my first project for my virtual internship. Because the organization focuses on financial education, I was given the task to write about retirement. Something interesting that I learned is that there are national standards that need to be taken into account and followed when writing pieces for educational purposes. Because there are already drafts for certain content, I was able to get some ideas of what my supervisor was looking for and also glance over a table of contents for my section.

Living with Livongo - A Post about Feelings

Working at my internship site makes me extremely proud of what I'm doing. Working with a company that deals with something that I'm passionate about is extremely rewarding. To combine writing with that is immensely gratifying. I love working where I do because I get to experience the job differently than my coworkers. Being on the opposite side of the spectrum from them, it allows me to offer new and unique ideas to the table.

What I've Learned About the Local Music Scene

The local music scene, especially in Grand Rapids, is thriving. With multiple venues, a diversity of genres, and passionate artists, Grand Rapids houses a plethora of experiences, just in music. That's not to mention the fashion, art, writing and food part of the Grand Rapids culture, which the city also has in abundance. Going forward in this internship, I will be dealing a lot more closely with these artists that call Grand Rapids home. I will be setting up interviews, collecting news on upcoming projects and relaying all of that on the SkipFiction social media.

Advantages and disadvantages of the publication field

Thus far, my internship at Grand Rapids Magazine (GRM) has gone as I expected. The last two weeks have been mostly spent on researching data for the special city guide issue of GRM. I was also able to look at the proofs of GRM's March issue and learned quite a bit about the rules of AP style just by looking over and (trying my best) at editing a few pages. I've also been working on pitching articles and learning how to develop ideas based on a specific audience.

New Skills I've Learned

What kind of new skills have you learned since beginning to work at this site? How might they help you?

In the first few weeks of my internship at the Women's Center, I've learned quite a bit. First (and most importantly) I learned how to actually use Wordpress - though there are still some parts that are confusing. This skill is important for my internship specifically because this is the blogging website we use for Feminist Voices.

Grand Valley Lanthorn internship

This semester, I am interning at the Grand Valley Lanthorn as the Assistant Sports Editor. I have worked for the Lanthorn for almost two years now. I worked last year as a staff writer, and last semester was my first semester as the Assistant Sports Editor. As the Assistant Sports Editor, I have a number of jobs that I do for each issue of the paper. I write one to two articles each issue on my three beats for the year (women's soccer, women's basketball and baseball).