Warm Reception

• How do the people you work with treat you? How does it make you feel?

I’m sure I’ll touch on it more in my reflection, but as my internship begins to wane (though it’s still waxing in intensity!), I think I owe it to my coworkers to express just how much I genuinely like and appreciate them. They are all fantastically kind, friendly, understanding, and flexible, and it’s this benevolence that makes me sad to (eventually) leave.


I believe in every situation someone is put into, especially in a professional or a work environment, there are a variety of things they have opinions on, in terms of how the business operates. This could be about the environment, social culture, the protocol, or about how the business operates itself. So naturally, in regards to my internship, there are a few things that, if I had a say in the matter, or if I was in charge of operations, that would be different about this organization. First of all would be communication.

Blog 9: Networking event

This past week I was invited to participate in a networking event with my internship. The event was more of a competition, but I had the opportunity to talk to people in the same stage of their careers as me and also people who have been in the sports journalism field industry for years. I participated in the Michigan Office Solutions College Sports Scribes Experience at a Grand Rapids Griffins game. The night began with a panel of professionals talking with us about how to enter in the industry and the best way to market ourselves.

Blog 9

The attorney was able to get some blogs written for me, so I was able to start editing those. I wanted to make sure that the blog posts weren’t overly promotional because in his draft they were. I think it is important and more effective for the blogs to be more informational and objective, rather pushing views to call the law firm. They original blog drafts from him were also really short, so I had to add more content to them to make them closer to the appropriate blog length.

Blog 9: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

At this point, it’s really starting to feel like crunch time as far as figuring out what my next move after graduation is going to be. My internship boss keeps casually bringing up how much writing work there is to do, how many more clients he’s picked up over the past couple of weeks, and how he’d ideally have me in the office 40 hours a week.

Blog 9 - Keeping Busy

I said in class the other day that I wanted to do some more challenging work and I'm definitely getting what I asked for. I'm making a press release for an upcoming event. I had to e-mail the event speaker and ask him a few questions to get a quote or two to use for the press release, which could be stressful. I was worried about what to ask him at first, but it seems like I came up with some good questions. My supervisor thought highly of them, anyway.

Career Aspirations

As I mentioned in my previous posts, though I enjoy SEO copywriting, at this point I can’t see myself making a career of it. Call it cliché, but I believe I’m destined for a more outwardly creative endeavor. That said, I’m currently considering two distinct career pathways within marketing communications writing.