The Disorientation Stage

I am still in the disorientation stage. Because I am involved in a virtual internship, I have experienced, yet surpassed, the "alienated independence" aspect. I know now that I have to come up with my own specific deadlines, create articles with the small list of requirements I was given, and make my own time to work on each project. By now, I know and understand the "nature and quality of knowledge in the workplace" (page 208), but that is not to say that I have some inquires or concerns.

The First Few Weeks

Working under Judge Feeney has been incredibly interesting. One of the things that I enjoy is that every day is different. Each day has different cases, different hearings, and different people with a variety of problems that the court is trying to help them with. Part of my job is to observe these hearings so that I can understand how the court system works from an inside view. These deal with adoptions, parental rights terminations, abuse and neglect, MIPs, possession of drugs, and bench warrants for those that owe the court money, likely from missing child support.

Blog 2 - Work, Love, Duty

I'm doing this late, because I missed the previous class and just realized that this was due.

I have been doing a lot of work for my internship already. I set out to create a podcast and some content for my employer, and already we've recorded two podcasts. I don't feel I am speaking often in them, but I've learned that the point is not for me to be rambling but for me to make the conversation accessible and understandable for our listeners. If there's anything too over the top I try to have it explained better or make it a little easier to follow.

Blog 2

So far, this internship has shown that I want to be in the marketing and communications field after I graduate. I would like to do more than social media postings, though. This past week I created an infographic, which combined my writing and design skills. I think that I would enjoy creating graphics and flyers for a job once I enter the professional world. I’m hoping to receive feedback on that soon because I would enjoy creating more for them.

My feature story this week

This week I was assigned a story on a women's basketball player named Taylor Parmley. She is a redshirt sophomore and has played well coming off the bench in recent weeks. She also had an ankle injury a few weeks back, and she recently started playing again. Her presence on the floor was missed while she was gone, but now the offense is back to the way it was in the beginning of the season. That was the original angle of the story. But when I spoke with her in an interview, the angle of the story completely changed.

Round-table Meeting

I just had a round-table meeting with a few people at CFI and honestly had a lot of fun. People joked around a bit, but they also put a lot of different ideas out there as to what CFI’s next steps should be on a few of their projects. It sounds like we’re getting another intern that will work on the PR side of things a bit more and I’ll probably be working closely with him on a few projects. It’s so interesting to me to see how people’s talents and specialties mesh together and catalyze one another.

Virtual Work

Although I enjoy the relaxed environment of the virtual blog internship, the concept of picking my own hours is difficult. I was given my topics, an article once a week and the end deadline of my last week working. However, I still manage to procrastinate sometimes for writing my blog in the last couple of days. I have a planner and calendar and everything but have yet to create a routine for me to work on it while balancing out my school work.

Meeting about Branding

As one of the marketing interns, I was invited to a meeting about branding that Human Resources was having with Internal Marketing. While on the surface this meeting doesn't seem like very much, it was a huge stepping stone for me as someone who has never worked in an office before. I learned the difference between branding and identity, a logo and a text treatment, but more importantly the dynamics of inter-department relations and how meetings are conducted.