Two Portfolios?

I almost wonder if I should have two different digital portfolios. My emphasis is in creative writing, but my minor is in psychology. I know how to write professional documents and research papers, but I'm not convinced that my creative writing portfolio would feel as professional as I would like it to be. I'm proud of my creative work and I don't regret emphasizing creative writing, but I think it clashes with the rest of my work.

My Ideal Portfolio

I decided to become a writing major with an advertising and public relations minor so I could capitalize on what I believe to be my best skill in two different ways. I believe that creativity and ideas are my best skillset, so I approached my education with that in mind. That is what I would like to build my portfolio off of. I would want to showcase my creativity to the audience that views my portfolio. I would like to show that I can be a critical thinker, innovated and passionate. Those three qualities are what hold my creativity afloat.

A Scriptwriters Digital Portfolio

As both a film and writing major, portfolios have often been brought up in different ways. While the film major expects a demo reel of all the film and videos you have created, it still encompasses the ideas of presenting yourself as a unique creator. While I do consider myself as more of a writer, I've often questioned what should be included in my portfolio. A finished film that used my script would showcase my writing skills, potentially better than a plain script would, but the question of group contribution comes in as well.

LinkedIn Tips

Throughout all of the many articles, I read, giving their opinions on what makes the best LinkedIn profile, many things overlapped between them. For instance, almost every article said that you should have a professional and clear profile photo. They also said you should have a strong summary, showcasing your specific talents and skills, giving it some personality. However, the tips that I found the most helpful, and the ones I thought would be most beneficial for me, personally, were scattered between the articles I read.

Developing a Digital Portfolio

For my digital portfolio, I want to create a professional yet creative persona. I want to showcase my skills, experience, and work that I have already completed that best shows my capabilities and what I can bring to the table. Since my audience is future employers, I want my portfolio to be a great source for information, an excellent example of my writing capabilities, and a showcase for work I could be completing for them. I want to showcase my writing and technological skills.

My Portfolio Preview & Prep

As encapsulated by the creative mission statement I’ve written for myself, I want to be seen as someone who, though he’s a responsible and hardworking adult, maintains a sense of nostalgic whimsy and childlike imagination. Or, as I put it: “I want to live every day like I’m 8-years old and it’s Christmas Eve.”

Creating my Professional Identity

Through my LinkedIn page and wesbite/online portfolio, I have been able to create an online presence for myself. I believe these are two different platforms however. On LinkedIn, I feel as though I should be a bit more professional with my picture and keeping it more up to date in order to make those connections and stay in the loop with my fields. On my website, I feel like I can show more of my creative side whilst still staying professional.

Into the Future ; Blog 6

To any upcoming audiences, I want to present myself as someone who is professional, but also creative and forthright. I can see my audience being a group of college graduates or young adults around my age bracket/in my generation. I would want to showcase my writing and editing skills mainly, as I believe those to be my two strongest skills. I would populate my potential website with my Rapidian piece, as well as various other blog posts that revolve around my previous works (I would ultimately choose the best ones).


I really want to come across to my audience as a capable writer and editor with a lot of passion for my work. I don't like the idea that a portfolio will not be comprehensive, but it is, of course, impossible to include everything you have ever done, even everything good you have done. If a portfolio is representative rather than comprehensive, then I think I want my portfolio to represent the things that I feel most passionate about and the things that I feel that I do best.

Digital Portfolio

How do you want to come across to your audience?
- My Meyer-Briggs personality is INFP and my Keirsey personality is Idealist, so I want to channel these personalities into the overall tone and feel of my portfolio. Both of these personality types are known for being passionate, imaginative, and empathetic. I want my portfolio to showcase these traits, because they are very important to me as an individual, and I think they will ultimately help me in the long run. I want both my creativity and professionalism to shine.