Blog 8: Learning, Learning, Learning to Write Blogs

Originally I did not think that blog writing would be much different than creative nonfiction or journalism or magazine writing. And it's not. But, the one reoccurring problem I have with writing these blogs is my small vocabulary. I would like to think that I actually do know a lot of words but after having written close to a dozen blogs that are all based on food, you run out of synonyms.

Blog 6 Portfolios, and other things I have no idea about

I've been thinking a lot about my writing identity for a while. I've been wanting to market myself as a writer who can do anything, but recently as I've been reading more books and articles and journals and things, I've come to find that everyone can do anything. What things make up your identity then? I've been thinking about it a lot. As a writing student we have to consider the nature of what we do, and the nature of how what we do will be perceived. In that case, many things that I might like to include on a portfolio really don't have a place.


I want to come across as creative and professional. That is related to how I describe myself as a writer. I want this portfolio website to document my writing and design skills because both are very important to me and make up my writing identity. This would include writing samples from documents such as whitepapers and documents from the writing document and design course, as well as my advertising copywriting course, where I had to design a campaign for a company.

Portfolio Identity

For my film/video capstone I've had to create a website/portfolio so the fundamentals of creating a portfolio are done, I just need to add my most recent work. My current navigation includes my resume, design work, video projects, and photography. I would like to add writing samples but I'm not sure how to integrate that into the site in a organized and intuitive way. I most want to showcase my design skills, which is why it's the first link on the navigation bar and has the most samples.

Getting Across Who I Am in a Portfolio

Ideally, I would like to come across to my audience as myself. Socially aware, creative, funny and a little dark.

I think my audience is socially aware, looking for a good story, and wanting to feel something from those stories. I also think my audience is an adult one. I tend to write in the creative nonfiction genre and about rather dark topics and that type of writing is not what I usually see anyone under 18 really going for.

Blog 6: (thinking about)Putting it all together

For my digital portfolio, I really want to emphasize a sense of versatility in writing styles. The work for my internship will be crucial in establishing a professional writing identity, but I also want my achievements in creative and scholarly writing to be emphasized — perhaps even more so.

Online Portfolio

As of right now, my digital portfolio is technically complete. However, after hearing Lisa Knapp discuss LinkedIn strategies, I would like to make a few changes. As of right now I think that my portfolio is pretty straightforward, but I would like to direct my audience more by adding a summary and more information about what I would like to do. Right now my audience varies. I have a couple different interests career wise, the two most concrete are either a law clerk or an editing position. With these two different audiences I need to make my portfolio accessible to both.

My Portfolio

For my desired field of work, the audience of my portfolio would be professionals in the journalism field. I want to come across to my audience as an experienced writer of journalistic articles with a deep understanding of AP Style. A strong sense of AP Style is something that is important for any journalist, but I also want to showcase my creative ability. I would showcase features that I have written where I found a unique angle and created an interesting story. I would also want to showcase my editing skills.


Ideally, I would shape my portfolio for a career in editing and writing. I would like my audience to perceive me as a professional person who can also be creative, someone who can think critically and be innovative too. I would also like to come across as competent and independent. Many of the job ads I have perused have emphasized how much they value an employee who can work on their own and doesn't need their hand held through the job. I would showcase my writing, editing, and technical skills. To do this, I could include things from classes that showcase my education.

Portfolio Planning

I honestly have not spent much time at all thinking about making a portfolio, and I haven’t been sure what kind of materials I would include in it, either. But I think after reading the materials for this week, I’d want to build a professional portfolio to show to potential future employers. I’d like to emphasize that I’m adaptable and comfortable with lots of different kinds of writing, so I’d want to include pieces from my creative writing portfolio as well as academic writing and professional writing.