First Post!

Oooh, this is a little daunting...I see I'm the first post for this new crop of interns!

I'm Emily S, a nontraditional transfer student...I suppose if you want to know more about me, check out my little bio portion.

Blog 10: Finishing up

It feels a little anticlimactic to end this blog series while I still have a few more weeks of the internship, so I'm trying to reflect on some quantitative stuff to land on something a little punchy. I also figure this'd be a good way to prepare for representing the outcome of my internship to potential employers later on.

Blog 10: Management and Technology Skills

Throughout this semester, I have learned a number of different skills on the job, some of them related to management and technology. On the technological side, I have increased my knowledge of Adobe InDesign and video and audio editing software. Along with learning different programs, I have received some experience working a digital camera and video camera. I have shot a few interviews with the video camera and edited my own work into an interview package. During some of the games I have covered, I have been sent with a camera to select events to take my own photos.

Miscommunication and Brownie Points

I almost got away with completing the semester internship without one email communication but last week I broke my streak. After (finally) finishing the brochure and having it approved by the president, she asked me if I could put it in a Word document for editing in case she wanted to change things later. After about a couple hours of transferring and InDesign design into word and learning how to print it correctly, I sent her the file. The next day I found out she only wanted the copy in a Word file, not the whole design (boy had I wish I'd understood that before wasting my time).

Blog 10, One more again

Yesterday we got together on the downtown campus and created our 9th Podcast in a public venue. It was very interesting, and a lot of fun. I wanted to talk about this because of the different way we did this podcast. Normally, we speak about what we'd like to talk about and then build a sort of flow or script for what we were going to say. But this time the supervisor surprised me with the topic, he said it would add a little something to the episode, because the topic was what's growing in grand rapids.

Blog 3/14

Through this internship I was able to learn that one of my soft skills is adaptability. When there was the issue of not having assignments to complete, I was able to problem-solve and create ideas for projects. I was able to take the initiative to create projects for myself if I did not have assigned work to complete. This experience proved that I have the ability to be creative and proactive with projects, which helped boost my confidence for entering the job market.

Blog 9, Trying to find the time

For the last few weeks we've been producing some podcasts I feel are much better than the previous ones we've made. Everyone has gotten much better and more comfortable with the creation of these, and it's felt like a great team effort in bringing that about. We're all getting along, and relatively on the same page, and we've simplified what we're doing, being sure to just tackle problems as they come along.

New Skills: Registering with the Library of Congress

• What kind of new skills have you learned since beginning to work at this site? How might they help you?

This past week I was given the task to register 24 of the reports (including the ones I have worked on) with the Library of Congress. My supervisor made sure to let me know that this would be helpful to me because my name is on some of the reports as an editor, so when a person looks up one of these reports or my name through the Library of Congress my work will come up.