My Summer Internship: Blog 1

I’m Theresa Krupp and I’m interning at Local First this summer in a writing/marketing position. Local First is a local business in Grand Rapids that has a passion for working together and bringing people together in a sustainable community. Local First’s mission is to “lead the development of an economy grounded in local ownership that meets the basic needs of people, builds local wealth and social capital, functions in harmony with our ecosystem, and encourages joyful community”

Week 1 Introduction

Hey guys, my name's Amy Creutz and I'll be working for Global Treks and Adventures this summer. They're an "adventure-based travel company" in Minnesota. The goal for the internships here is for the interns to research a specific place in varying different aspects and points of view, and then to collaborate together to create a published field guide. Each of the interns are responsible for their own research subject or thesis statement.

Internship Introduction: Artists Creating Together

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah, and this summer I will be interning with a non-profit organization called Artists Creating Together (ACT). It’s a really cool organization that uses art as a way to empower and celebrate individuals with disabilities, because art can help foster social and cognitive development, as well as increased self-confidence and a sense of self-sufficiency. ACT has a studio downtown, where I will be primarily working, and I am super excited to be a part of all of the things they are doing.

Entry #1- Introduction

This week I will be starting my internship with The Morning Sun newspaper. I will be supervised by staff writer Lisa Yanick-
Jonaitis who will be setting my schedule, giving me assignments and reviewing and editing all of my work before the stories are published. The staff of The Morning Sun is small, only around 3-5 members and we will all meet once a week to discuss story assignments and goals. Lisa and I will also be meeting once a week on our own to discuss the same things, as well as any editing or style notes she has for my work.

My Summer Internship

This summer, beginning on the 4th of June, I will be participating in an internship with Dzanc Books. I'd spoken with Michelle quite some time ago about what I would be doing, or what I was hoping to get from this internship, so I believe I will be participating more on the editorial side of things.

My Internships with the Writer's Workout

My internship this summer is with an organization called The Writer’s Workout. This group was formed by some writers that seek to help all writers at any level strengthen their skill and keep up with their writing. It works out well because there is such a diverse group of writer’s involved, including everyone from those who are just gaining an interest in writing to those who have published multiple works. The Writer’s Workout uses a Facebook group as well as their website to organize their content and community.

My Summer Internship With Dzanc Books

Hello everyone! My name is Marissa and I’m and English and literature major with a writing minor. I’m thrilled to be interning with Dzanc Books this summer because it’s exactly the kind of work that I’d like to be doing post-graduation. This is an editorial position and I’ll be working closely with Dzanc’s editorial staff to complete online projects as well as proofread manuscripts for their non-profit literary press.

First Blog Post

Hi, my name is David Pettersch, and this summer I will be interning at Center For Inquiry Michigan in a Publicity Coordination Position. This position will require me to create newsletters, monthly emails, weekly emails, creating social media posts, and coordinating the press releases for the events put on by the Center For Inquiry Michigan. A majority of this position will be done online, but there is a large portion of it will also be done inside of their offices.