Career Indecision

• Has this experience made you think about possible careers in this field?

I have been thinking about editing and a career in that field this past week. Editing text and designing covers for reports on various topics has been what I have been doing the most during this internship and I am also taking a class that is heavy on learning how to copyedit. I have been going from knowing emphatically that I don't want to be an editor to thinking that it wouldn't be that bad of a job; it really all depends on the day at this point.

An Eventful Day

Today was by far the most interesting and productive day that I have had at my internship. I balance the day between working on my writings and articles, which I do for roughly half of the day, and taking notes on hearings. Today's hearings were very heated and more high profile than I had experienced before, so I was incredibly interested in each one. Before lunch I saw three teens get sent to detention. This did not sit well with some of their families. During most of my note taking I sit in the jury box, halfway between the judge and the attorneys that are arguing the cases.

Blog 4

So far, this internship has been rewarding for me. Before I started and in the beginning of the internship, I lacked confidence in my abilities to perform the tasks expected of me because I had never had any previous experience. Fortunately, as the weeks go by, I find that my education has adequately prepared me for tasks in marketing and communications in the business world. It is rewarding creating infographics and written content that gets positive feedback.

Blog 4 - Busy Work

It seems like the work in my internship has hit a bit of a lull, for the time being. It seems like things are going to start ramping up a bit as different projects take off, but most things I've been doing this week aren't exactly thought-intensive or creatively fulfilling. Most of what I've done is just edit calendar entries, which is inherently repetitive. I've got their event calendar set until June, but I can't help but feel like this kind of thing could be automated.

Communication Hurdles

Having a virtual internship has its benefits and its difficulties. While I excel at managing myself and being organized, there is also a large learning curve and a need for excellent communication. When almost all correspondence is occurring through email, it can be challenging to keep track of all the information being passed along both ways. The past week or two at my internship have been a little challenging. When miscommunication is occurring, it can be hard to know what I need to be accomplishing and if I am on track or not. I learned this week that persistence and clarity are key.

Blog 4: Adjustment

Virtual internships can be both a blessing and a curse. They can be a blessing because you learn to manage your time, and you can complete everything by yourself. They can be a curse because..... you can complete everything by yourself. My situation is different, however. With the main office of Livongo located in Chicago, it's fairly "easy" (and I use that word very loosely) to take the train down and visit the office. However, missing classes has never been my goal. In order to gather those coveted face-to-face interactions, however, I need to visit the office sometime.

Blog 4: SEOh no, Google updated again...

I’ve learned more things about digital marketing from my internship than I could ever comfortably squeeze into a single blog post (maybe there’ll be a sequel to this one). The reason why isn’t because I knew nothing about SEO before starting (though that is worth noting). It’s because of the first thing I learned on the job about digital marketing: that it’s always changing. Between the time I write this and the time Prof.

New Intern, Personal Growth

Since beginning this internship my supervisor has been happy to tell me often how much progress I've made since my first day. From my work, to my confidence, and even the way I dress, she believes I'm more work ready with each passing day. With all of this encouragement, it should not have come as a surprise when she tasked me to handle the new interns training.