New Experiences!

These past few weeks have been pretty exciting at Women's LifeStyle—busy to say the least. I was given the chance to start a new section of the magazine called time for ten. On this page we ask female leaders in the community about 20 questions or so and publish the ten we think best represent their personality. Last week I interviewed Betsy Borden, owner of Peninsula Tranding Travel Gear. It was an absolute pleasure meeting her and visiting her store. I was inspired that she built this business on her own after having a long career as a sales rep.

Blog 10: Rewarding

This overall experience has been extremely rewarding. I have loved every minute of it. I am very grateful that Grand Valley offers this course. At first, I was very terrified that the writing program required all of its participants to have an internship before graduating. I did not know where my future would lead me. However, I am extremely thrilled with the internship I had the privilege of obtaining. This experience has allowed me to be more prepared for my future outside of Grand Valley. That was another element that I was terrified for.

New Stages of Life

As graduation is quickly approaching, my (unofficial) second supervisor announced her retirement. We had grown close during my time there and it was shocking to find out she would be leaving soon after I would be. The retirement plans lead to conversations about transitioning in life and moving on to different things. It was interesting to hear that she was experiencing a lot of the same emotion that I was. More importantly she offered a lot of advice about having patience and confidence when it comes to looking for a job.

Interview Writing

Interview writing is a form of writing in which, before this internship, I was not familiar with. I have never had to transcribe a conversation between two people and make an article out of the content that was provided within the context of the conversation. The majority of my writing has been solely a process within my own mind, my own thoughts and ideas. The concept of writing an interview article is a new idea in which I'm having to adjust. I'll have to find my own balance of how exactly I should approach it.

Blog 7: Writing as a Newcomer

When I first began writing in the journalism field at the beginning of my junior year, there was certainly a learning process in the first few weeks on the job. The AP Style can be a very picky style in which there are certain small details to a story and writing that are unique to that style. It would be nearly impossible to memorize all of the different technicalities, but after a few weeks I had a better understanding of the most common mistakes and avoided those. Aside from looking at the AP Style handbook, the way I overcame this challenge was just simply experience.

Blog 9: Upgrading!

A couple days ago I had received an email from my supervisor saying that I can now create am author's bio on their website and include links to any of my other writing samples or social media or things alike! One of the most exciting things about this part is that I can now leave a link to my digital portfolio and actually have people find me and see what kind of work I do. Aside from employers, I was beginning to wonder who else might see my digital portfolio and now this is a way I can gain more audience members.

Writing Careers within the Legal Field

My internship at the Kent County Court House has opened my eyes to a whole world of legal proceedings that I previously knew nothing about. From learning basic legal terms and abbreviations to understanding the role of each person in and out of the courtroom, I have had an open opportunity to learn as much or as little as I would like. While I spend most of my time taking notes and writing, I also have the freedom to explore whatever catches my interest. I have spoken to prosecutors, probation officers, law clerks, translator, and judges.