New Training Tips

As graduation comes closer each day, Cat and I have been preparing the training manual for anything the new interns might need. While the previous weeks had just been about updating old information such as passwords, this week I realized that there were a lot of new tasks that were not in the manual. It suddenly dawned on me that the job is not only currently changing, but has constantly been changing through time.

Early Mornings

Something that I have noticed at my internship site is that I am often the first person to arrive. Due to the way that my class and work schedules are set up it is often easiest for me to go to my internship early in the morning. This means that my work day usually starts around eight in the morning at my internship, the time that the office opens. Often though, I am the only one there at 7:45. This is not really an issue when it comes to me having work to do. I usually get the lights turned, get my computer started up, and start working on projects that I already have.

Blog 8 - What have you done this week that makes you proud?

As a quiet and relatively shy person, this internship has really forced me out of my comfort zone. The mere act of interviewing for this position was initially frightening, but now I’ve come to the point I’m regularly emailing and messaging strangers every day for interviews and other necessary correspondence. I’m amazed, and actually proud, at how far I’ve come in just three short months. However, all of my communication thus far has just taken place online; this week I will be interviewing someone for my article in person.

Blog 7, Not knowing how to say it

This reading was both insightful and reassuring for me. One of the biggest struggles I've had so far with my job is "knowing how to say it" in the way the organization has wanted me to. I've had to remake documents a few times and have been confronted about my wording, and in the end I've been having to have a lot of conversations about what is the right way. Because I generally write so personally and creatively, I always have a hard time trying to pull my voice out of texts, and this internship has definitely been a huge lesson on writing in the world.

Personal Growth: Communication

The more I live, the more I realize just how complicated this world can be and just how very busy most everyone is. With this being the case, the need for good communication is essential. In my experience at this internship, communication needs to be efficient and flexible. Especially when trying to interview local artists, who are usually quite busy, it must be understood that there will be scheduling conflicts and patience and flexibility are imperative. This also goes for the management.

Learning to Write in the Professional World

Writing on the job was definitely a trial and error learning experience. As a writer in the legal world, there was not much guidance or guidelines for my day to day writings. If I came across a question of formatting or legal terms, it was mostly up to me to research and find my own answer. I feel like this experience of being responsible for my own learning has helped me greatly in the professional world. While it is important to ask questions, sometimes it is good to just give something your best shot and see how it turns out. Sometimes a little risk can have a large reward.

Writing on the Job

Fitting in with the writing style at my internship has not been too difficult so far. One thing that was very helpful was that the place where I work has their writing style almost down to a science. They have their own sort of miniature style guide that they showed me when I first started there which I have had access to. I also got help and feedback from my supervisors about how I could change what I had written for them in a way which would fit in more cohesively with their own house style.

Blog 3/10

I think the hardest part of adjusting my writing for my internship is writing in their “voice”. Before I started working for them, the voice was extremely promotional and I was not used to writing like that. After analyzing their old social media posts and getting to know their audience, I thought it would be more beneficial to create a more informational tone rather than a promotional tone.

Blog 7: On Behalf

There have been a few big challenges regarding my slipping into the organizational voice here at Spider Marketing Group (literally just changed from Rev Web). The biggest involve my ongoing struggle with abandoning linking verbs, and the push to embody a certain financially-incentivized bias in the portrayal of different topics.