Best Practices

In taking a look at the two articles put forth by the professor ('Top 10 Intern Mistakes' and '16 Things to Ask Your Internship Supervisor'), I realized that several of these were simply not applicable to me in this situation. I am undergoing a virtual internship; many of these questions are ones that I would probably use in the future (since I have to have a second internship for my dual major) but they are not suited for my current internship.

Best Advice and Questions for Supervisor

Within the top 10 intern mistakes, there were actually a couple that I found to be quite useful. Number 5, Working in a vacuum, was actually really interesting. What I found most useful in that particular tip was, "Failing to recognize how your work affects the work of others and choosing to ignore anything that isn't directly related to what you've been assigned are career-killing moves." I genuinely had not thought about thinking of the ripple effect of any work that I would submit at an internship or job.

My Summer with Pizza

Hello fellow interns, how's it going? I am a Writing Major having just graduated. This is my last course to finish before receiving my degree. I work downtown creating pizzas, and cooking pasta dinners at Big O's cafe downtown Grand Rapids. While hunting for internships
I realized this local business could use someone to look over, improve, or edit menus, and help with social media. I asked my boss Bernie Kersten if he had any need for writing assistance, and since then I have not only been helping Big O's but the other cocktail bars and places of business he owns.

My Internship: MyNorth Media editorial intern (Northern Michigan Magazine)

This summer I'll be interning in the beautiful, blue city of Traverse City, Michigan. When I first submitted my portfolio to them I mentioned the fact that I was born in Traverse and was excited to make my way back up Lake Michigan to my birth place. The internship is with MyNorth Media a.k.a. Northern Michigan Magazine. The magazine covers all aspects of northern Michigan life including new businesses opening up and local festivals all over the state to wonderful fishing locations and profiles on interesting people doing unique things.

My Internship: Marketing for Health & Wellness Department

Hello everyone, Rachel here! I am a marketing intern for the Health & Wellness Department at GVSU, which is a branch within Human Resources. The department somewhat resembles corporate wellness as they assist the faculty and staff so that they can, in turn, assist the students. Our focus is on the overall health of each person: physical, mental, emotional, etc., and we provide resources and events for GVSU employees to learn and take advantage of, in order to take care of themselves.

Blog #1

Hello fellow interns, my name is Abby Pope. I am a Writing major with an emphasis in Technical Writing, and I am also an English minor. I am a transplant from Texas, but have been in our beautiful state for quite a few years now so I guess you could say I am a Michigander...but I will always be a Texan at heart. Also, I am excited to announce that I am now officially going to be a Senior at Grand Valley and will be graduating in Spring of 2018!

SP Local Spins internship descrption blog

Hi y'all,
I just found out this wednesday that I'm interning for Local Spins as a music journalist/event coordinator. Local Spins is a Music journalism website run by John Sinkevics, who used to be the head music writer for the Grand Rapids Press before newspapers tanked. They cover everything from artist and venue spotlights to concert and album reviews, but also coordinates its own shows, as well as having several radio programs.