Anson and Forsberg: Stress vs. Frustration

I think of the stages this article describes, the one I feel closest to is the “alienated independence” stage, though I’m not sure I feel all the frustration they describe. Because GVSU’s writing program emphasizes both professional and creative writing, I’m not unfamiliar with writing in a professional environment. I think the authors of this article are somewhat too specific in their descriptions of the stages of transition, and too limiting.

Semi-Exciting New Skills

My internship is still pretty new, so at this point I’m doing a lot of brainstorming about some of the ideas we’ve discussed that would be my responsibilities. I’ve been doing a lot of planning and research on running usability tests, so we can get an idea for what needs to be rewritten for the Study Abroad website. I’ve also been sketching out some ideas for blog entries to post on the Study Abroad blog, though ideally I wouldn’t be the only one contributing.

Juggling Two Jobs

This past weekend, I had a busy few days juggling my two jobs. I attended two women's basketball games for my internship on Thursday and Saturday, while attending two high school basketball games Friday for my second job at the Holland Sentinel newspaper. I have been doing this since September, but the amount of time I spend at events or writing articles will always be a grind on the weekends.

Busy Week

The past week at my internship site was a busy one. My main supervisor is finally back from her vacation, which seems both good and bad. I had really gotten to know the other writer at the site who I had been working with, since she's the one who I have been working with these past two weeks. My main supervisor is really nice, I just don't feel like we have the same rapport that the woman I had been working with and I did. Hopefully with a little time we can get there.

Contribution to my Internship

Because my virtual internship blog site is new and not yet up and running on the internet, I feel like I will have contributed a fair amount of articles by the end of my internship (about 25 blogs). Although this is probably not even a fraction of the blogs that this website will eventually have, I am happy to help them start it. I do not know this for a fact, but I am confident that there are other people like me who are writing similar travel and food articles for this website, growing the total content of the website.

Workshops and Meetings

I received feedback on my first grant proposal, to which the founder of the organization said it was good (but not much else). I am continuing to develop different options for a brochure redesign. I am meeting with my supervisor and the founder today to discuss which design they like best and what changes can be made. I am hoping to get some grant writing feedback out of today as well because it will be my first in-person meeting since I submitted it for review.

Blog 4: Thinking About the End at the Beginning

This has been an interesting week for the internship, and one that confirms my having a fairly cool supervisor. I was invited to give a panel presentation at Marygrove College in Detroit — requiring my attendance on Monday and Tuesday of this week — and even though the invite was very last minute (I only heard from them on the Thursday before), my boss was really cool about letting me work remotely. (This isn’t the first time either; he’s even reached out a couple mornings when the weather was pretty rough and offered the chance to work from home.)

Blog 4, Writing in Other Contexts

I have been thinking about writing in more contexts lately. The internship this week has me thinking about grant writing as I try to write a grant for recording equipment for the SAP. My goal is to try to get funding and create a sustainable way to record podcasts and make creative content for the SAP. In getting the equipment, we can create and implement a simple accessible system for future interns to come and work with. If possible, I'd like to create instructions as well.

Patience, Perseverance and Personal Growth

Throughout the last week, progress has been slightly deterred by a multitude of factors. Between sickness, business, personal and financial hiccups, a lot of the goals that were set weren't getting accomplished on time, also communication slowed and there were lapses in understanding. This has been a very good learning experience from the standpoint of difficulty. When I started this internship, everyone involved was all gung-ho about everything that had to be done and very enthusiastic about the organization.