Blog Week 2 Reading Response

Both of these articles I found very interesting to read. Many the topics mentioned or discusses seem like common sense but at the same time are things that still need to be addressed, like the dress code. Despite working in a church most the people are dressed pretty casual. My supervisor usually wears khaki shorts, a polo t-shirt, and flip flops. Everyone starts around nine in the morning, some get in a little earlier and some a little later.

Mistakes and Questions

The two readings this week, “The Top 10 Intern Mistakes” and “16 Things to Ask Your Internship Supervisor on Your First Day” were very informative to interns. However, since I’m finishing up my third week of my internship, these articles covered things I have already gone over with Local First on the first day without me having to ask. It was clear that Local First is no stranger to interns and knew how to answer all of the potential questions I may have had before I could ask them.

Week One Recap

After reading these two articles, I realized that I didn't do so rusty during my first week at work like I had previously thought. With my job being more freelance-based (there’s no designated office or meet-up space), it was somewhat hard to even guess what to expect other than that I would actually be writing and interviewing for the online publication at GLBD Magazine, piggy-backing off of my previous experience at the GV Lanthorn. Despite this initial uncertainty, I covered almost all of the bases in these articles, keeping expectations broad and then coming in with the questions.

Entry #2- Getting Started

One of the most important things that these articles served to remind me of is that I am no longer working in a "vacuum" in terms of my writing. The staff of the Morning Sun is very small and they work hard each week to get stories for each day, and now that I am a part of that team I have the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to that team effort. The work I contribute to this team will no doubt effect the quality of the newspaper.

Mistakes to Avoid and Questions to Ask

With the first week of my internship under my belt, I found it interesting to compare both readings to what I have already experienced. During my first week with ACT, I noticed that the environment is fairly casual, and my supervisor is extremely helpful and friendly. As I read through “16 Things to Ask Your Supervisor on Your First Day,” I was grateful that most of these things were answered on my first day, without me having to ask. Nonetheless, I found this reading to be a helpful reminder that it is important make sure that the staff at ACT and I are all on the same page.

Blog #2: Reading Response

I found point number four (poor time management) to be the most important in the article. I, for the most part, am very organized. I’m a chronic list-maker so that I know what’s happening and when, and how to prepare for it. I fear being late and unprepared. However, once I feel comfortable with my day’s or week’s schedule, I tend to underestimate the amount of time I need to complete something.

Mistakes to Avoid, and Questions to Ask

Since my internship is virtual, a lot of this advice doesn’t apply to me, but I do face different types of challenges mostly in regards to communication. There were two pieces of advice in the article “10 Mistakes Interns Make” that resonated with me. One was working in a vacuum. In an web-based workplace, it is easy to feel like you are in a vacuum and isolate yourself from the rest of the group, but it is so important to stay focused and involved in group discussion and projects. Much of my internship’s communication is done through email and Facebook.

Reading Response: Asking the Right Questions

Although my internship with Dzanc Books hasn't begun just yet, I'm mentally preparing myself for diving into this new workplace territory. I won't have to worry about office formalities, as I will be working from home, but I do have to consider prioritizing the projects that I'm going to be assigned. An online work environment will mean strictly online forms of communication. So far my supervisor and I have only been using email, but once the internship starts we will be having weekly Skype calls.

Blog # 2 - Reading Response

After looking over the two readings assigned this week, “16 Things to Ask Your Internship Supervisor on Your First Day,” and “The Top 10 Intern Mistakes,” I must say that much of what was discussed can be applied to my internship. Although, I must admit that when I started my internship last week I had already looked over these two articles and written down a list of questions to ask my internship supervisor, Allison, on my first day. But even before I had my first day Allison and I had met for coffee, while the Winter semester was going on, so we could touch base.