Based on the LinkedIn readings, there are a couple things that I could do to improve my LinkedIn page. I need to work on getting more endorsements on my skills because I only have a couple people who have endorsed me. Furthermore, I need to be more active on LinkedIn. It has become more interactive, so I need to start going on it regularly to like what people have shared and also share some articles that I have found that relate to my field. I do list LinkedIn on my resume, so being more active on it will be more beneficial. I also need to work on connecting with more people on LinkedIn because my current connection number is fairly low.

On the other hand, there are a few aspects of my LinkedIn page that I think are done well based on the tips from the readings. I think I have a strong heading that describes who I am quickly and concisely, and I have noticed that it is the current trend to list three nouns to describe yourself as the heading on LinkedIn. I also think that my summary is pretty strong because it goes more in-depth about me rather than just restating things on my resume/LinkedIn. Though, I could probably make my summary a little bit longer.