As I read through the articles about LinkedIn, I didn't realize how much there was to creating a truly effective profile. It wasn't until recently that I learned how much of an important tool LinkedIn is in terms of networking and even finding jobs - most prospective employers end up looking for your profile on LinkedIn when they consider hiring you. I've had a LinkedIn profile for a long time, but I only included the bare minimum - as a result I got few views and connections.

I think the greatest thing emphasized throughout these articles was the importance of the profile picture and the brief summary. The brief summary is still something I'm lacking on my profile - from what I read, it almost sounds like what you might include on your cover letter. I think that will be one of my main questions for our guest speaker - how do you write an effective summary? Even after reading all of the tips and then looking at other articles beyond the ones assigned, I'm still having difficulty getting the summary right.

I'm also waiting for an opportunity to get a professional picture taken for my profile. Prior to this class and my professional writing classes, I would've just included any old Facebook photo. I know now that won't work at all; even LinkedIn gives you percentages on how much the traffic to your page increases with the inclusion of a professional photo. The articles emphasized this, even going to the point you should include a background photo as well.

I also never realized how important including endorsements and giving out endorsements are on LinkedIn. Moving into the future, I think I will try to work more with the upkeep and social media aspect of LinkedIn. The endorsements almost seem more akin to "likes" to me, but they tell employers that someone is vouching for your skills. I want to ask the guest speaker more about endorsements, but I need some time to think more about how I want to word what I want to ask.