Blog 5: Catching up with social media

The last year or two has been a real wake-up call in terms of needing to familiarize myself with different social media platforms. I’m definitely a proper child of the internet, but as far as social media I never really moved far past Facebook, with little to no experience with stuff like Twitter or Instagram.

On the same note, I’ve known about LinkedIn for a while, but had no idea that it was actually as effective and generally ingrained in the job search process as it seems to be now. I was especially impressed by the figures relating to successful connections from LinkedIn vs other social media (around 80%) and the amount of recruiters who check social media for potential hires (94%).

Those are sort of hard to argue with, and I really like the idea of having a professionally acceptable super long form resume available for employers. Plus, just thinking about responding to all the different categories of experience that LinkedIn has room for has been productive for keeping track of my collective professional identity and thinking about how I want to present myself to particular employers.

From our speaker, I’d be curious to hear about field-specific expectations for different LinkedIn profiles. And, while the articles covered this to some extent, I’d be curious to hear about what classic mistakes people seem to make when they’re putting together a LinkIn or trying to make use of it.