LinkedIn Tips

After reading the LinkedIn tips from several different places, I found that there were common themes in all of the suggestions. I noticed all of them saying many of the basics for making a LinkedIn profile, such as choosing a professional photo and writing a good summary of yourself. I found many of the suggestions in these posts to be relatively basic, but for someone who does not have an account already, they would be helpful. Although knew some of the information that was being relayed, there were some suggestions that I had not known were possible on LinkedIn or I didn't even think of.

The idea of using keywords peaked my interest. When writing my account summary and experiences, I never considered focusing on keywords when creating those sections. It reminds me of what we discussed in class, which was to pick out keywords in a job posting and include them in your cover letter. Employers will likely search keywords when looking for potential employees, so including those keywords in the job you are looking for will be helpful. Another aspect of my profile that I never considered before was a unique and personal URL. I never thought of changing my URL for my profile, but many of the articles suggested as one of their top tips to create a unique URL.

I think that LinkedIn is a very effective job search tool. In many industries if not all, one of the most important aspects of finding a job is who you know. It is important to network yourself and your work among potential employers or people in your desired field, and LinkedIn is the best way to make those connections. I always try to make an effort to connect with people that I have met or worked with in the field so that potential employers will see that I may have mutual connections. And if I can receive recommendations or endorsements from these connections, the employer will know that I actually possess these skills.

Questions for our guest speaker: What is the most important part of a LinkedIn profile for an employer when they are looking for potential employees? What is the most effective way to search for jobs using LinkedIn? How important is it to make status updates frequently on your profile?