LinkedIn: Just a Little Bit Daunting

After reading the LinkedIn tips, I feel very overwhelmed. I have heard that searching for a job is a full-time job but looking at all these specific steps in these articles is a lot to take in. The advice is good but it seems too generic and maybe that's why it comes off as daunting. I think the advice would be better suited if it was more specific to different fields. Websites that talk about writing would give their tips on how to use LinkedIn if you're a writer and architectural websites would give different tips to people in that field. Also, the lists with fewer tips were much less overwhelming and I felt like I was actually able to take in the information.

The tip that stood out to me the most was the one about personalizing the headline and description section of your profile. Using strong keywords to attract the people you most want to see your profile was one of the tips that really connected with me. It's always hard to know how much of yourself to put in those sections, specifically what must be there and what should be left out.

Using LinkedIn as a job search tool seems like a good place to start. You can learn a lot about different companies, who works for them and what new things they are doing. LinkedIn also seems like a great place to do research about a possible employer and could lead you to other resources and/or in-person meetings. The different groups you can join also look like an interesting way to interact with others with similar interests or similar jobs.

Questions for the guest speaker: What stands out the most to an employer when they are looking at LinkedIn profiles? Do they look at it like a resume or as something beyond that? How much should be on a LinkedIn profile? Should everything that is on a resume be there? What are the best ways to search for jobs using LinkedIn? Does it depend on the type of job?