Looking at LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an incredibly powerful and useful resource when it comes to the job market and marketing yourself. Many employers not only look to see if their applicants have a LinkedIn, but they may even search for prospective candidates on the social media tool. Looking through all of the readings about the importance of LinkedIn and the strategies of using it was helpful because it made me look at my own profile and how improving it could be useful to me. There are certain sections of my profile I could make stronger, and even some that I didn’t necessarily think about adding.

As far as using LinkedIn for a job searching tool, I have found it extremely useful. Because I am graduating in April, I have already started browsing jobs online to see what I can find. One of my primary places of search has been LinkedIn. I feel like it has a great filtering system and I like that you can easily apply and save jobs to look at later. One thing I would want to know more about from our guest speaker is if there is any advice on how to make the searching experience even better.