You Just Have to Have a LinkedIn Account

I learned just how important LinkedIn is in Professor José's Writing in the Global Context class. Our assignment was to create an account and think about how people (future employers especially) will percieve us. Often hiring managers will immediately disreguard a candidate if they are not on this platform.

I already had an account and update it when it needs to be but I am surprised with how prevelent it is today. I personally don't like being plugged into a million different things and as the "professional facebook" I didn't want to start. I knew however, that it is pretty important.

Something I have grown in since this class is the connections aspect. At first I didn't know what the website could do, but being able to connect with people or follow certain organizations is a great way to keep up to date in whatver field. I have had conversations with people online that have led me to where I am today. Also, if you "know somebody", the chances of finding and obtaining a job that you really want to have are even higher.

I really value what the site has to offer but sometimes the entire process can be overwhelming. As a college student I am expected to do well in school and have a lot of expereinces through internships and other jobs and be involved on campus and keep up with tracking it all on various forms. I like designing so on top of my LinkedIn account, I created a personal website/portfolio. I also have business cards, various resumes and matching coverletter formatts and reference pages. Juggling all this can be quite complicated and that is not even half of my life. However, the perks of having all this digital information is that they do the work for you. One can simply search the field I has listed under my name, they can google me, and find as much as they'd like. I could even be sleeping while they do this!

In the end, although there is a lot of work in the start up and as well as some in updating, LinkedIn is a tool all of us should utilize as the benefits can bring us to what we'd truly like to do with the rest of our lives. (Or even just be able to afford rent right after Graduation).