LinkedIn: Useful or Not?

For this first article (, I found the advice really helpful. As someone who's never paid much attention to LinkedIn, I think that a lot of these basic tips provide a good sense on how useful LinkedIn is as a resource in job finding and potentially being recruited. One piece of advice I found especially helpful, despite how self-explanatory it seems, is the advice on profile pictures. Of course, I knew beforehand that profile pictures are incredibly important, but it was interesting to look at it from the perspective that "people stare at your photo the most on LinkedIn." I had never thought about this before, and now that I have, I will be sure to put some thought into my profile picture when making my own account. I was a little intimidated at the author's advice to accrue 10-15 recommendations for our profiles. While I understand that more is better in terms of recommendations, what if we simply can't find that many? What advice would our guest speaker have for those of us who have a limited number of people we can ask to write positive things about us?

In the next article ( I found it really interesting that LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business' social media leads. This definitely opened my eyes to how important LinkedIn can be when trying to grab the attention of potential employers. I also think it's cool that LinkedIn can also be used to search for jobs, because I've often found that other websites tend to be disorganized and I don't know where to look half of the time when job searching. LinkedIn is a nice resource to use as a digital resume, entice employers, and also actively shape your own job search. I'm excited to begin my own profile and work on making my career prospects more available.

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