LinkedIn is Important

Even since my freshman year, people have been telling me to join LinkedIn. I kept thinking that it wasn't that important and that any form of social media can't possibly affect how you get a job. However, once I made an account earlier this year, I realized how many people are using it. Many of my friends had received a recommendation or two from past jobs and several endorsements of their skills. All the links we read about LinkedIn stressed how important each aspect of your profile is and how it can best be used to appeal to companies who might come across it.

When I went to the career center for my career advising appointment, Lisa stressed how important networking is for acquiring a job. LinkedIn is the perfect tool for this. She suggested going through and finding any Grand Valley alum who have the type of job I am seeking. From there, she suggested starting a conversation, asking how they ended up in the position they did, etc. This can extend beyond alum too. She mentioned searching out people who currently work for the company/organization that I might be interested in. However, I'm wondering whether this is worth doing and whether anyone would bother to respond. I'm also wondering how important it is to post things on LinkedIn. One website mentioned posting often. What kinds of things should you even post on LinkedIn?