WRT 490 Guideline for Writing Internship Portfolio

You should keep a portfolio of written work completed for your employer. This portfolio will document an important stage of your learning experience. It showcases your work in your internship and presents your reflection.
Your portfolio should contain the following:

  1. A cover page;
  2. A TOC page;
  3. A report in the memo format evaluating your internship experience (please see the detailed outline below);
  4. Samples of written work completed for your employer during the internship (provided release of such samples has been cleared by the employer). For each type of samples, you should have a summary as a cover sheet to describe the contents and its significance;
  5. Analysis of a workplace document from your site
  6. Log page: A printout of all the entries you posted on the discussion board for weekly reports (responses from your classmates not included);
  7. A resume.

In addition to a paper portfolio, please also submit separate digital files for items 3-7.
Detailed outline for the evaluation report:

  • General Information
    1. Employer (name, address & telephone number)
    2. Employer description
    3. Immediate supervisor (name, title & telephone)
    4. Your job title and brief job description (include a brief list of major tasks)
    5. Your work schedule (i.e., when did you do the work?)
  • Work Completed: Describe the major tasks (documents) completed and indicate the number of hours spent on each.
  • Work Not Completed: Describe any tasks (documents) you were unable to complete. Include the number of hours spent on each task (document) and the reasons the task (document) was not finished.
  • Evaluation:
    • Evaluate yourself in this particular internship:
      • Describe your accomplishment and review what you have learned in this internship.
      • Describe problems you encountered, especially major ones. Include anything you were asked to do that you were not prepared to do. How did you handle such problems?
    • Evaluate this internship:
      • Indicate whether this internship is a valuable one. If it would be valuable for some students and not others, indicate who would be best for it.   
      • Provide helpful hints for someone completing this Internship. Your advice should cover matters such as recommended academic courses, reading material, and work experience. 
      • Give information about policies and procedures followed in this particular organization, including both formal and informal. 
      • Describe dress standards. Suggest anything that would help another intern be successful.
      • Evaluate the internship site. Discuss its weaknesses and strengths. Describe any recommendations you have for the site.