Reading List

WRT 490 Readings

  • Munger: "Advice for Students"
  • Business Week slide show “10 Top Goofs Interns Make”
  • "The Great Pyramid War” (Connatser) & “My Entry-Level Life" (Potts)
  • “Moving Beyond the Academic Community: Transitional Stages in Professional Writing” (Anson & Forsberg)
  • Southard: "Protocols and Human Relations in the Corporate World: What Interns Should Know"
  • Katz “Part 1—Learning to Write in Organizations: What Newcomers Learn About Writing on the Job”
  • Katz "A Newcomer Gains Power: An Analysis of the Role of Rhetorical An Analysis of the Role of Rhetorical Expertise"
  • Dragga “A Question of Ethics: Lessons from Technical Communicators on the Job”
  • Corey & Killingsworth: “The Internship Report”
  • Additional materials on resumes/cover letters and portfolios