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Blog 10: Management and Technology Skills

Throughout this semester, I have learned a number of different skills on the job, some of them related to management and technology. On the technological side, I have increased my knowledge of Adobe InDesign and video and audio editing software. Along with learning different programs, I have received some experience working a digital camera and video camera. I have shot a few interviews with the video camera and edited my own work into an interview package. During some of the games I have covered, I have been sent with a camera to select events to take my own photos.

Blog 9: Networking event

This past week I was invited to participate in a networking event with my internship. The event was more of a competition, but I had the opportunity to talk to people in the same stage of their careers as me and also people who have been in the sports journalism field industry for years. I participated in the Michigan Office Solutions College Sports Scribes Experience at a Grand Rapids Griffins game. The night began with a panel of professionals talking with us about how to enter in the industry and the best way to market ourselves.

Blog 7: Writing as a Newcomer

When I first began writing in the journalism field at the beginning of my junior year, there was certainly a learning process in the first few weeks on the job. The AP Style can be a very picky style in which there are certain small details to a story and writing that are unique to that style. It would be nearly impossible to memorize all of the different technicalities, but after a few weeks I had a better understanding of the most common mistakes and avoided those. Aside from looking at the AP Style handbook, the way I overcame this challenge was just simply experience.

Blog 8: Developing new skills

Working for the Grand Valley Lanthorn has allowed me to develop skills in the writing field that I might not have otherwise and that will help me market myself in the job search. Other than the obvious of learning journalistic writing and AP Style, working for the Lanthorn has taught me how to better work with writers.

My Portfolio

For my desired field of work, the audience of my portfolio would be professionals in the journalism field. I want to come across to my audience as an experienced writer of journalistic articles with a deep understanding of AP Style. A strong sense of AP Style is something that is important for any journalist, but I also want to showcase my creative ability. I would showcase features that I have written where I found a unique angle and created an interesting story. I would also want to showcase my editing skills.

LinkedIn Tips

After reading the LinkedIn tips from several different places, I found that there were common themes in all of the suggestions. I noticed all of them saying many of the basics for making a LinkedIn profile, such as choosing a professional photo and writing a good summary of yourself. I found many of the suggestions in these posts to be relatively basic, but for someone who does not have an account already, they would be helpful. Although knew some of the information that was being relayed, there were some suggestions that I had not known were possible on LinkedIn or I didn't even think of.

Juggling Two Jobs

This past weekend, I had a busy few days juggling my two jobs. I attended two women's basketball games for my internship on Thursday and Saturday, while attending two high school basketball games Friday for my second job at the Holland Sentinel newspaper. I have been doing this since September, but the amount of time I spend at events or writing articles will always be a grind on the weekends.

Transitioning in the workplace

There is definitely a level of difficulty involved in transitioning from academic writing to the writing expected in an internship. After writing academically since middle school, it is not easy to suddenly change styles. Academic writing is so comfortable at this point that writing in a different style can feel forceful.

My feature story this week

This week I was assigned a story on a women's basketball player named Taylor Parmley. She is a redshirt sophomore and has played well coming off the bench in recent weeks. She also had an ankle injury a few weeks back, and she recently started playing again. Her presence on the floor was missed while she was gone, but now the offense is back to the way it was in the beginning of the season. That was the original angle of the story. But when I spoke with her in an interview, the angle of the story completely changed.

Grand Valley Lanthorn internship

This semester, I am interning at the Grand Valley Lanthorn as the Assistant Sports Editor. I have worked for the Lanthorn for almost two years now. I worked last year as a staff writer, and last semester was my first semester as the Assistant Sports Editor. As the Assistant Sports Editor, I have a number of jobs that I do for each issue of the paper. I write one to two articles each issue on my three beats for the year (women's soccer, women's basketball and baseball).