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Linked In Tips

I had not really had any idea how many different tips and conversation there was surrounding how to do a Linked In profile. I have gotten emails in the past from peers asking to add me on Linked In, but I have never had any experience with it outside of that. From the lists of tips and tricks and from what we have talked about in class it does seem like a tool that could be extremely useful when trying to find a job.

Busy Week

The past week at my internship site was a busy one. My main supervisor is finally back from her vacation, which seems both good and bad. I had really gotten to know the other writer at the site who I had been working with, since she's the one who I have been working with these past two weeks. My main supervisor is really nice, I just don't feel like we have the same rapport that the woman I had been working with and I did. Hopefully with a little time we can get there.

First Article (and Other Assignments)

I have been getting a lot more fun and interesting assignments at my internship the last couple of weeks. I just finished my first article for the WAR, Int'l Website. The article is about human trafficking increasing during the Super Bowl and will be posted this Friday in time for Super Bowl Sunday. I got to choose the topic myself and I did a lot of research once I had chosen. My first draft was well received by my supervisor and we were able to work together to finish it and get it ready to post. I feel a lot more confident now about being able to possibly do more articles in the future.

What I've Learned

So far in my experience at my internship I've learned that I am much happier when I have a job to do and a goal set for myself. Sometimes in these first few weeks I will just have ongoing busy-work to occupy me, rather than a project with a time constraint and a definite goal. When I have these projects to do I've found that it's much easier to stay focused and motivated in order to get something done well and finished before my deadline.

WAR Int'l Internship

This semester I will be working as an intern for Women at Risk International of Grand Rapids. My position is as a technical and creative writing intern. I will help the organization with different writing tasks in a mix of creative and professional writing, on their blog for example. I will be given different projects during my time there which will help the organization. I will also read from their selected book list and gain more knowledge about the issues they help to combat.