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Posting (Not to Instagram)

This past Monday, I learned how to post our articles onto the website. Using wordpress, InDesign, & Photoshop I was able to put it all together. However there are a lot of steps that go into posting. I had to seleect photos from saved files and change them in Photoshop from CYMK to RGB and upload them in two places on the post—the featured image slot as well as in the body. An image of the article from the physical magazine had to be taken from InDesign and inserted on the bottom of the postas well.

Interning for Women's LifeStyle Magazine- Day 1

Starting my first day as an intern yesterday, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Being a small office that only has a few concrete people on staff, I was told I was going to be a doing a little bit of everything. Content writers only contribute from their free time and aren't paid which I think takes the magazine to a whole new level because people truly want to spend their time writing for it.