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Looking at LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an incredibly powerful and useful resource when it comes to the job market and marketing yourself. Many employers not only look to see if their applicants have a LinkedIn, but they may even search for prospective candidates on the social media tool. Looking through all of the readings about the importance of LinkedIn and the strategies of using it was helpful because it made me look at my own profile and how improving it could be useful to me. There are certain sections of my profile I could make stronger, and even some that I didn’t necessarily think about adding.

Communication Hurdles

Having a virtual internship has its benefits and its difficulties. While I excel at managing myself and being organized, there is also a large learning curve and a need for excellent communication. When almost all correspondence is occurring through email, it can be challenging to keep track of all the information being passed along both ways. The past week or two at my internship have been a little challenging. When miscommunication is occurring, it can be hard to know what I need to be accomplishing and if I am on track or not. I learned this week that persistence and clarity are key.

Reading to Reality

The stages from the reading include Expectation, Disorientation, and Transition and Resolution. While an intern searching for an internship or is in the process for preparing for one already obtained, there is a certain level of idealizing and imagining what the person will be doing and what the internship will be like. When they actually begin the internship and enter the workplace, they enter the next stage of confusion. This occurs because they may not know their exact tasks or not fully understand yet where they fit into the organization.

First Project = Lots of Research

These first few weeks, I’ve been excited to be working on my first project for my virtual internship. Because the organization focuses on financial education, I was given the task to write about retirement. Something interesting that I learned is that there are national standards that need to be taken into account and followed when writing pieces for educational purposes. Because there are already drafts for certain content, I was able to get some ideas of what my supervisor was looking for and also glance over a table of contents for my section.

Virtual Internship with App to Succeed

App to Succeed is a company that desires to teach teens about personal financing and to educate them to be able to handle their own current and future financial affairs. Through an online program, teens will get relevant and useful information about all kinds of topics regarding financing in order for them to feel fully educated about the topic once they have completed the program.