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Writing in an Organization

The biggest challenge that I have encountered with writing in my internship is learning what feedback is valuable when evaluating manuscripts. To a certain extent, my classes at Grand Valley have prepared me for that aspect. I learned through workshop classes how to talk about writing and what vocabulary to use. I know how to say more than just I liked it or I didn't like it types of feedback. The challenge came with the type of writing I was evaluating. The manuscripts I look through are meant to be literary fiction.


Ideally, I would shape my portfolio for a career in editing and writing. I would like my audience to perceive me as a professional person who can also be creative, someone who can think critically and be innovative too. I would also like to come across as competent and independent. Many of the job ads I have perused have emphasized how much they value an employee who can work on their own and doesn't need their hand held through the job. I would showcase my writing, editing, and technical skills. To do this, I could include things from classes that showcase my education.

LinkedIn is Important

Even since my freshman year, people have been telling me to join LinkedIn. I kept thinking that it wasn't that important and that any form of social media can't possibly affect how you get a job. However, once I made an account earlier this year, I realized how many people are using it. Many of my friends had received a recommendation or two from past jobs and several endorsements of their skills. All the links we read about LinkedIn stressed how important each aspect of your profile is and how it can best be used to appeal to companies who might come across it.

Anson and Forsberg Article Reflection

Anson and Forsberg address the difficulties that come with transitioning from the classroom to the workplace, specifically with writing. They explain that many students assume that writing that is valued and praised in a class will also be the type of writing praised in a job. However, the reality is that the audience of the writing is no longer as narrow as one professor. The audience and the purpose of writing in the workforce is completely different, which can take time for the student to understand.

Interning with Dzanc

For the Winter 2017 semester, I will be interning with Dzanc books which is a small independent publishing house. Rather than trying to publish the next best teen fiction or sci-fi novel, Dzanc focuses on unique or unusual literary fiction that could eventually be studied in an English class.