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New Skills: Registering with the Library of Congress

• What kind of new skills have you learned since beginning to work at this site? How might they help you?

This past week I was given the task to register 24 of the reports (including the ones I have worked on) with the Library of Congress. My supervisor made sure to let me know that this would be helpful to me because my name is on some of the reports as an editor, so when a person looks up one of these reports or my name through the Library of Congress my work will come up.

Getting Across Who I Am in a Portfolio

Ideally, I would like to come across to my audience as myself. Socially aware, creative, funny and a little dark.

I think my audience is socially aware, looking for a good story, and wanting to feel something from those stories. I also think my audience is an adult one. I tend to write in the creative nonfiction genre and about rather dark topics and that type of writing is not what I usually see anyone under 18 really going for.

LinkedIn: Just a Little Bit Daunting

After reading the LinkedIn tips, I feel very overwhelmed. I have heard that searching for a job is a full-time job but looking at all these specific steps in these articles is a lot to take in. The advice is good but it seems too generic and maybe that's why it comes off as daunting. I think the advice would be better suited if it was more specific to different fields. Websites that talk about writing would give their tips on how to use LinkedIn if you're a writer and architectural websites would give different tips to people in that field.

Career Indecision

• Has this experience made you think about possible careers in this field?

I have been thinking about editing and a career in that field this past week. Editing text and designing covers for reports on various topics has been what I have been doing the most during this internship and I am also taking a class that is heavy on learning how to copyedit. I have been going from knowing emphatically that I don't want to be an editor to thinking that it wouldn't be that bad of a job; it really all depends on the day at this point.

Stages of Transition: Somewhere in the Middle

The Anson and Forsberg article discusses the different stages of transition new graduates face as they go into the workplace. The first stage is expectation, where an ideal scenario plays through the writers head. There may be some apprehension of starting something new that also occurs in this stage. The second stage is disorientation. This is when the writer feels confused and frustrated with their new surroundings and is unsure of the landscape they have just begun working in.

Internship with AFI

I am interning with Ariel Foundation International. They work to young people's voices heard on the important issues of today. They want young people to be heard on an international stage, primarily at the UN. I will be editing, organizing and updating the designs on many of their annual reports. I will also be completing their report Children's Report on Human Rights. I am looking forward to using what I have learned in school in a real-world job and especially for a foundation that is working to do so much good.