Blog 5, LinkedIn, and other things I can't keep track of

I made a linked in account my freshman year in the WRT 200 class. I forget what the name of it is exactly, but it essentially covered all of the general ways writing is used in the professional setting. We learned about things like memos and resumes, and I learned the importance of communication outside of the context of general storytelling (or more that they're not all that different a thing).


I made a LinkedIn, maybe my freshman year of college, but it has probably been that long since I last looked at it. This means that I haven't updated it since. Not much has changed but that doesn't mean I shouldn't make time to go on and redo some of my information.


Based on the LinkedIn readings, there are a couple things that I could do to improve my LinkedIn page. I need to work on getting more endorsements on my skills because I only have a couple people who have endorsed me. Furthermore, I need to be more active on LinkedIn. It has become more interactive, so I need to start going on it regularly to like what people have shared and also share some articles that I have found that relate to my field. I do list LinkedIn on my resume, so being more active on it will be more beneficial.


As I read through the articles about LinkedIn, I didn't realize how much there was to creating a truly effective profile. It wasn't until recently that I learned how much of an important tool LinkedIn is in terms of networking and even finding jobs - most prospective employers end up looking for your profile on LinkedIn when they consider hiring you. I've had a LinkedIn profile for a long time, but I only included the bare minimum - as a result I got few views and connections.

The Ever-Dynamic LinkedIn

It’s probably due to the sheer number of guides on the topic—each written by a subjectively qualified “subject matter expert”—but many of the posted LinkedIn guides contain advice that conflicts with what I’ve previously learned in-class, as well as from mentors and professionals about LinkedIn best practices.

Blog 5: Catching up with social media

The last year or two has been a real wake-up call in terms of needing to familiarize myself with different social media platforms. I’m definitely a proper child of the internet, but as far as social media I never really moved far past Facebook, with little to no experience with stuff like Twitter or Instagram.

LinkedIn Tips

After reading the LinkedIn tips from several different places, I found that there were common themes in all of the suggestions. I noticed all of them saying many of the basics for making a LinkedIn profile, such as choosing a professional photo and writing a good summary of yourself. I found many of the suggestions in these posts to be relatively basic, but for someone who does not have an account already, they would be helpful. Although knew some of the information that was being relayed, there were some suggestions that I had not known were possible on LinkedIn or I didn't even think of.

LinkedIn: Just a Little Bit Daunting

After reading the LinkedIn tips, I feel very overwhelmed. I have heard that searching for a job is a full-time job but looking at all these specific steps in these articles is a lot to take in. The advice is good but it seems too generic and maybe that's why it comes off as daunting. I think the advice would be better suited if it was more specific to different fields. Websites that talk about writing would give their tips on how to use LinkedIn if you're a writer and architectural websites would give different tips to people in that field.


Due to past classes using LinkedIn profiles as assignments or projects, I am pretty involved in the LinkedIn community. As I have advanced in my work experience I have used LinkedIn more. I enjoy making connections with professionals and seeing what careers my friends from high school are perusing. I believe that LinkedIn provides a supportive environment for students like me that are new to the professional world.

Linked In Tips

I had not really had any idea how many different tips and conversation there was surrounding how to do a Linked In profile. I have gotten emails in the past from peers asking to add me on Linked In, but I have never had any experience with it outside of that. From the lists of tips and tricks and from what we have talked about in class it does seem like a tool that could be extremely useful when trying to find a job.