Updating My Supervisor

As I mentioned in class this week, I have realized that I don't always meet with my supervisor every week. As I work on projects, I try to keep my supervisor up-to-date on my progress, but we don't always have face-to-face contact. I do not have a problem working independently, or taking lead on the projects I have to do, but I would like a bit more contact just to make sure my supervisor and I are on the same page. For example, which of the three booklets I'm editing/redesigning should be done first? Or how soon do they need to be done?

Getting Others Ready For the Furture

This week at the CYC we are working on some projects that will be used to help get the kids in the middle and high school level ready for their future. The CYC does a lot working with communities in the area besides just creative writing. For the next couple weeks I am going to be working on putting together a packet that will include everything having to do with building up your resume. Pretty helpful to me as well, seeing as we are going to be doing that as one of our projects.

Exciting Responsibilities

Last Wednesday, I had my first meeting with my supervisor, and it went very well! We laid out a timeline for my internship duties, which are all pretty much geared toward putting out the next issue of the Language Arts Journal of Michigan. My first assignment is to send out an email to all 170 potential reviewers to make sure that there’s no one on the list with an inactive email or who doesn't want to do read and review for the journal anymore. I will be making a Google Form, which I have not worked with before, but it seems fairly intuitive.

On Being Busy and Time Management

Today, I was assigned three more stories for my internship! It's a bit daunting to be writing this much this quickly, especially since I'm still picking up AP style. I sent in my first two articles for edits last night, so I am nervous but excited to get those back in the following days. However, I'm starting to realize that this internship is going to be a lot of work! Obviously, I knew I'd be working hard going in, but I don't think I was expecting to have five open stories!

Vitriol on the Interwebs

Last week I was the subject of vitriol and aggressive behaviors via online commentators. I wrote an article for the Lanthorn and the Women’s Center about the controversy and presence of manspreading on public transportation. To my knowledge, I stated my opinion without being too subjective. For example, I used more than one source as evidence of my claims, and I decided against being sassy and sarcastic (as is my true voice). The article was posted, and of course I was curious. Had anyone read the article? Did I change someone’s opinion? Did I enlighten anyone on the subject?

Getting Familiar with the COE

This week my supervisor introduced me to some of the people that I will be working with throughout the semester. Since the major part of our publication (and my duties along with it) will be completed by March, he offered them my services if they need help writing anything. So, not only will I be able to write for the magazine, but as I’m needed, outside of that as well. Hopefully this will give me a broader range of experience once I’m done with my internship. I was also very thankful that the other people that work at the College of Ed are very friendly and helpful.

Sure, I Can Do That

This time of the year is sort of hectic at the company that I'm working with. There's a publication deadline in March, a new website to launch, plus a customer database that needs to be doubled. A to-do list has been put together, but more and more projects seem to keep getting added to it. I am learning a lot about how a company manages their deadlines by observing the different roles that are being played out. Fortunately, my supervisors are very open to my involvement with projects, so I'm getting the opportunity to work with several different types of writing.

Don't always think big first

The first goal shared by my supervisor and I was to find a nicer, easier to use, prettier platform for the website so it could also be nicer, easier to use, and prettier. WordPress was our number one choice because of its many features. It has gorgeous, free templates that anyone can use and most can be personalized. With just a little exploration, it’s easy to create pages and upload content. And, what my supervisor really loved, was the ability to set upload times.

Week Three: Responsibility

One of the biggest things I've been wrestling with this past week is a sense of self-motivation. Working from home is a new experience for me, and I've noticed that it's quite easy to be distracted from my internship duties. The nature of my job implies a certain amount of time devoted to research and online activities; I work from my apartment all week except for Fridays. This, coupled with the independent nature of my first assignment has left me feeling slightly directionless. In my experience, the best thing to do in situations like this is something rather than nothing.

A New Style of Writing

This Monday, after I finished the article I'd been working on since week one, I went to my supervisor for a new task. Her response surprised me a bit: I would be writing a few press releases.

Having taken a journalism class during my senior year of high school, I was familiar with that style of writing. I'd listed it as a skill in my job application. And having taken an intro to Public Relations class, I knew that a press release was structured in the same fashion.


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