Time for your "Midterm Evaluation," Nathan.

I walk into work and what am I greeted with but a comment from my supervisor, who is standing behind a big black curtain in the back of the CYC - "Hey, Nathan. Can we chat a bit?"
"Sure," I say already expecting something strange, something different from the normal conversations I have with Meghan. I walk behind the curtain and Meghan is filing some paperwork or putting away a laptop or doing something, something, I don't know.
She says, "Let's talk about the lesson plan from last week" and I say, "Okay."

I Think My Brain Is Broken

We all have those dreaded days when we stare at a blank document for hours on end and type out a sentence, read it, delete it, and complete the cycle over and over again. Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of those days lately. My brain has been running slooooooowly. I drink around three or four cups of coffee each morning (oops) and my body is ready to go, ready to tackle the day and whatever it may bring. My mind, on the other hand, is struggling to get out of bed.

Week of Oct. 30

This has been a pretty good week. My last few articles turned out pretty good, despite difficulties in getting information. I seemed to have a string of bad luck when it comes to getting interviews. First my primary point of contact for a story disappeared off the face of the earth, then when I found another person I could talk to they came down with an illness. Thankfully though I managed to pull everything together and submit my story just in time for deadline.

Week of October 23

Definitely been feeling the sting of the intern doldrums this week, especially after these past two weeks of riding a sustained high on quality assignments. Life is all about the dreaded listings now, and lordy how tedious they are! On Wednesday I went in at 9:00am and worked nonstop on database updating until 5:30. In small doses the work is tolerable but after hours on end, the task becomes mind-numbing. And the wound gets salted after seeing how small a dent 8 hours makes on the massive assignment.

The Kid Adventures: Learning Styles (late)

So far, every day that I have been at the CYC for Afterschool Adventure something happens that simply amazes me, be it something that a kid says or does, something they write, the vast difference in learning styles and abilities, or something else. I'd like to talk about two specific kids that I have worked with concerning learning styles. For privacy purposes, I am changing the students' names.

Dreading Design

This week I am taking a break from writing articles and approaching a different large chunk of this internship - the menu. Although I am not a major in document design, I did show my internship coordinator a few of my works from the class. That generated the idea of a link to an online menu. So I have started to work on that while a few bugs are worked out for the Facebook page. While I have experience in creating this sort of document, it is again very limited - much more limited than even my experience in article writing.

Royal Wine Canine Story

This week I'm really getting into the work with the mascots of Skandis Fine Wines (her dogs). I have to come up with a continual story--an adventure, of sorts--and pair that to pictures of the puppies every week. So there was a reason that I had to go through almost 4,000 pictures before!

Themed Article

This week marked my second larger article for The Black Sheep. My first had been the transcription of my Mike Birbiglia interview/article. That last one had just really fallen into my lap, and covered my major article for that month. This next one, however, had to be a specific type of article – A Halloween themed one. About two months ago I saw that I was chosen on the calendar to write a Halloween article. I immediately started to brainstorm ideas and thoughts for a decently funny article. I even went as far as beginning two separate rough drafts of articles.

Mad Dash to the Finish

Deadlines are what I feel like I live for as a writer. They give me structure. They give me motivation. They give me that little "oomph" I need to get what I need to get done. Amy and I set a deadline to try to have every blog post from We the Eaters up on Pinterest by the middle of this week, as I briefly mentioned this past Thursday. I've been chugging along at this for a few weeks, but I'm in serious high gear right now.


This week I am interviewing Davy Rothbart. He is the author of the book My Heart Is An Idiot and the founder of Found magazine. Davy went to the University of Michigan and grew up in Ann Arbor. I am interviewing him because he has an event at Calvin College's Ladies Literary Club on November 10. This will be my third interview.


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