Mysterious Procedures

Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters is a relatively new organization. Therefore, set formal procedures haven’t had much time to be established. Besides the time constraint, the culture of the organization seems to be innovative and independent as far as development and implementation of their services goes. The employees have loose positions and do work together to put on events and some of their literature groups, but they dedicate their time according to their other schedules outside of GLCL.

My First Story, and My First Story On My Own

This week was rough for me for many personal reasons, however my internship has actually been the light of hope I needed. On May 19th my first assignment was published to the site. That was a really nice feeling. To see my work on a professional website for all of our readers to see was really cool. I called my mom to tell her about it. I realized that even though this news-style of writing isn’t my first choice, nor is it my forte, I may have a chance to work in this field while I continue to hone my skills on the creative writing side.

Will My Internship Lead to Grad School?

I never thought editing or publishing was a career avenue for me. I never thought that non-fiction scriptwriting was a career avenue for me. I never thought that my love to learn would extend outside of writing fiction. Though, the more I progress into my education, my multiple “I never thought” statements turn into “this may be for me” statements.

Getting Started

Today I had my first two days at Cranbrook, and I'm already really excited about interning there. Everyone has been really nice and helpful, and my on-site coordinator is really committed to helping me get all the info I need for my project. This week, my primary job was to start taking notes on other handbooks similar to mine, so I spent a majority of my time taking notes and drafting a presentation I'll give next week on what needs to be part of the finished manual.

Onward Bound

So far my internship has exceeded my expectations yet I already feel my time management skills slipping. Taylor commented on my last post and mentioned working from coffee shops. I think this is a suggestion I must take or face some missed deadlines, which is unacceptable. I find my concentration slipping mostly when tasked with finding research for grants. Searching through database after database and article after article, only to find that the one I need must be ordered through the library is making my hair turn grey.

GLCL Update

This past week at my internship, I was able to research and locate a grant funder for a project my organization is looking to implement in the next year. I’m excited to finally feel like I get to jump into doing some real writing with the grant in these next couple of weeks. I’m writing the grant for a series of seminars GLCL hopes to host that explains to writers how they can get published, where they can look for writing opportunities, and different business strategies to exercise for a writing career, even if the person didn’t go to school for writing.

Preparing for Dublin

Even though the first day of my internship is not until next week the last week of preparation has given me plenty to write about. My flight leaves Chicago on Sunday and I will finally be in Dublin on Monday morning. This last week I have spent time preparing to go through customs in Ireland and also for my internship. Along with my passport I have a letter from Grand Valley explaining why I am going to Dublin, I also need a bank statement to prove that I will have enough funds to support myself for my stay, and proof that I have international health insurance coverage.

This Week as a Fowlerville Historian

As I work through more and more old newspaper articles and photographs, writing detailed descriptions of each one for the new catalog, I realize more and more that whoever worked on this before the Collection was turned over to Marion... did not have exceptional organizational skills. I find six copies of the same article scattered throughout a single file. Or three copies of the same photograph in three different folders. Or three separate folders all labeled "Houses and Landmarks". It's confusing and requires a lot of patience, backtracking, and reorganizing.

A Whole New World

The more I work as a ghost writer, the more I enjoy it. Maybe not this particular novel that I am working on—just not my preferred genre of writing—but the writing overall is what I like. Deadlines are also a beautiful thing.

(3) Needles and Pins

The anticipation is always the worst part.


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