Where are you going, where have you been?

With the end of the year bringing lots of changes for the GLCL, I feel a sense of finality as I finish the semester. I am facilitating the last reading of the year on Tuesday night, and then coordinating a small write-in for the last WU30 event in December. I was writing my personal statement for my graduate school applications and began to reflect on why WU30 and my internship with the GLCL has been important for my writing and poetry.

Ready for the work world...

So, we're down to three weeks from the semester being over, two weeks from graduation, and about four months past me being ready to get out of school and into the work world. I am chopping at the bit. As far as having an actual plan in motion for post-graduation, things are a little less clear. By some miracle my internship supervisor, and crew, like me enough that they offered for me to stay on and see out the magazine so I have a job until the magazine is finished (which is sometime mid-May, depending on deadline changes) which has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

I'm Still Not Certain Where I Want to Go from Here

The more I think about my impending graduation, the more distance I find myself trying to put between myself and facing the reality of making decisions. The longer I spend in my internship, the more I realize that I don't think I'm interested in writing as a day job. Well, I am extremely interested in writing novels, but I find writing things that disinterest me to be incredibly un-motivating and to suck what feels like any inclination to write for myself straight out of my body each day.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Satire and Journalism

As in every occupation, there are pros and cons to working in journalism, particularly in a satirical journal environment. With different styles comes different aspects of the world that we can discuss, and others that won’t work the best for our article.

What I've Learned So Far...

Through the course of this semester, I've gone through a range of feelings towards my internship. I've spent a lot of time frustrated about the experience, but there are always good things to learn. I think it's important, now that I'm in my last week at the office, to review the positives of this experience.

The Future is Uncertain

As the internships come to an end and I continue to work on my job plan, I am really thinking about my future with writing. I'm still not completely sure what I want to do with writing and I'm a little disappointed because I thought the internship would help me with that. It has helped a little but I'm still unsure and considering continuing the internship into the winter to gain some more experience.

Personal Growth

I hope that I can look back on this experience later and feel all right about it. I might be able to draw more lessons from my internship once I get a real person adult job and can compare the two. My not knowing what to think may just be because I have no idea what is what! I also really, really hope that my supervisors and coworkers at least don’t think that I wasted their time.


Although I have really enjoyed working with Dzanc, I have felt a little ungrounded in my work. I feel as though I could benefit from a little more instruction (or at least some deadlines). This has always seemed like it would be a very time-oriented line of work, what with all the emphasis on dealing with deadlines, but I didn’t really experience this with my internship. We would receive assignments, but not a clear date that it should be completed and turned in by.

Curb Your Professional Portfolio

Last week I wrote and article about how the Writing Center finally got more coffee and now consultations have to take place in bathrooms because coffee is a natural diuretic because my editor told me that's what I should write. The original article was about how the Writing Center was out of coffee and the Center can't function. If I had to describe the article in one word it would be "completed" or "funny?". It's hard to tell when I write something that really is funny sometimes.


I really enjoyed the first few months of my internship. Now that my original supervisor has left, I feel as though my time at OXX may not be valued. There is a friendly and interesting community but now that my direct marketing advisor is gone, I am ready for these next few weeks to come to a close. my new supervisor is the CEO of the company, and as expected he has a lot to manage. He spoke with the other social media intern and said that he "doesn't really care about social, likes, or followers." His interests are primarily in driving traffic to our website to increase revenue sales.


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