Late Blog 2 Some Work I'm doing for my internship

After my recent meeting a couple of days ago with Andrea, I have been officially given the task of creating a guide for volunteers about ways to raise money for a trip to Kenya.

I have only ever done something similar to this once before, when I made a guide for potential transfer students for my document design class a couple years ago. I still need to confirm with Andrea if she wants this done in InDesign (which means I need to install it on my laptop and reteach myself on how to work in InDesign), or if Microsoft Word is fine as a medium.

Late Blog 1 About my Internship

My internship is with the Simbolei Academy, a group working to build a school in Kenya and give children there books. While they have a physical location in Lansing, since it is mostly online I just work from my on-campus apartment.


One of my favorite things about the writing field in general is receiving feedback on everything I do, and often feedback that doesn't hold back or play nice. Probably because of my experience in all of my workshop classes, I look forward to feedback, and am always looking for ways to make my writing stronger.

Therefore, I am really enjoying the editorial process during my internship. We turn in completed drafts of our stories, and then the editor Holly goes through them and sends us back the edits. We make the edits and then the article goes live.

Sharing My Progress

This coming week, I have a meeting with my supervisor where we will be going over the progress from the emails I sent out to the list of reviewers, as well as discussing what work I will be doing over spring break and after the break. I’m really looking forward to talking to my supervisor about this completed task. Like I mentioned in our meeting last week, emailing the reviewers took a really long time and a lot of effort on my part. But I’m proud of myself for completing it and I think I did a really good job. That’s been incentive for me to take more initiative.

New Skills and Questions

Over the course of the past three weeks, I've been learning quite a bit about InDesign. I'm not going to explain it's function outside of the fact that it's a document design program, but I'm learning how powerful the program is and I decided to use it for some ideas that I had for my internship. My assignments are of a longer nature, and so I'm experimenting with new ideas to figure out what works best and what doesn't. One of my ideas is to design a creative brochure that could be handed/mailed out during/for an event.

It Might Be Blog Time Soon!!!

This past week seemed like my team and I were working like a multiple headed octopus. All hands have been on deck because there is simply so much to do. We are working steadily to get our new website off to a strong start, but even with all of our elbow grease, several road blocks keep popping up. The tricky software that we are using has a horrible customer service line, our internet often lags for no apparent reason (again, horrible customer service line), and there is more work than hands these days. Unfortunately for me, that means that I have been plugging in product data for hours.

Work Conflict

This past week I have gotten a lot of stuff done. Wednesday, I typed up and edited work from the kids' journals. Some of the work was very cute and will make a wonderful addition to the book. I was happy to only find two pieces that were unreadable (ha!). Meghan and I managed to figure out one of them. For the other, we will have to consult the author (a third grader who loves ninjas). His story was awesome up until the last sentence. He must've been too excited because his ending is smushed into one incoherent sentence.

Maximizing my time

The one (and probably only) downside I've faced to setting up my own internship is not having a ready amount of work that needs done. At other internships, just like a job, you're constantly being given your work and if things are slow, your total gets bumped up a little or you get more challenging projects. Because I'm more or less a volunteer with a very busy supervisor, I've been starting to find new projects that I can take on that A) give me more to do and B) help out WRC even more.

Social Media and Poetry

Last week I attended a poetry craft session and reading at the Grand Rapids campus. Tarfia Faizullah talked about the idea of social media. For instance, she discussed the idea that when a tragic incident occurs like the Chapel Hill Shooting we automatically go to social media to carve out a piece of that incident. We try to stake our claim, but really we are trying to state our opinions publically and loudly.

Looking for jobs later, and Internship update

Well, to start with, I already know that the things on Boston University's job search list will probably prove to be useful to me once I am out of school. As much as I hate to admit it, and I really, really hate to admit it, my attempts at finding a job before coming to Grand Valley have been unsuccessful. Sure, they might not have been jobs for what is now my major, but I still hold them as examples. Anything that could possibly help me not repeat my mistakes is a good thing to have.


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