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My personality is laid back, warm, funny, and embraces all of my quirks and awkwardness in a way that put others at ease not only when meeting me, but with themselves as well. I am down to earth and can be lazy at times, but am getting better at keeping a busier schedule. I get uptight when coordinating meetings and being on time sometimes (probably because I can be so lazy haha), but I try to let that go pretty quickly.

(11) Who am I?

Who am I? 24601!
No, not really. Thank goodness for that.
I define myself with the following words: singer, dancer, writer, kind, caring and outgoing. I also have little sense of public shame, which results in very embarrassing moments for my friends.
Fortunately I know societal rules well enough that I am able to maintain a professional attitude in the workplace. I’m actually quite reserved until I become more comfortable, then I can relax more.

Me Me Me!

Briefly describe your personality.
Hmmm, my personality...
My personality is friendly, trusting, hardworking, detailed, creative, and extremely extroverted. I will easily talk to someone I don't know, or go up and introduce myself to someone or give them a compliment on their shirt without even knowing them. I am very outgoing. I tend to do things for others far more than I do things for myself, and I often overcommit myself for the benefit of others.

Describing Yourself

If I had to describe my personality I would say I'm soft-spoken but friendly. I enjoy meeting new people and making new acquaintances. I'm definitely an introvert so staying inside and watching TV or playing games is often my ideal Friday night. As a professional I see myself, I suppose as someone who strives do to my best work even if I'm not particularly enthusiastic about a task. I don't want to look bad to my superiors. I think it's also important to know who your superiors/supervisors are and to be on good terms with them. My first job was at a call center and I hated the work.


My personality: I see myself as a positive, laid back person most of the time. I can get along with just about anybody. I love just 'winging it' when it comes to planning things, but I can also work with--and stick to--a detailed plan.

Me, Myself, and I. (Did I mention Me?)

If you were to ask myself about my personality, I would immediately direct you to ask someone else that you trust, mostly because I'm afraid of being biased. Yet, I have to, so I'll describe myself. I'm a hard-working, honest, blunt, outgoing, loud, and introverted individual who sometimes trips over her spoken words too much, too often. I have a great need to uncover facts and truths about situations, the ability to argue devil's advocate for the sake of inspiring others to think critically, and I would rather be a leader than a follower--but I'll cease and desist if need be.

My Personality

It's hard to describe your own personality because you may perceive yourself as a totally different person than how others see you, in both a negative and positive way. In any case, here is what I think my personality is like:

Personality and Career choices

I would say that my personality is somewhat introverted. I'm not introverted all of the time and have no problem talking with strangers, but for the most part I tend to be more introverted until I get to know someone better. For example as I was leaving my last job which was in a maintenance garage the purchasing manager told me that at first he was nervous if I could handle the environment because I seemed shy but as I was leaving the company as he put it 'they can't get me to shut up'. Once I understand more about the situation I am in, then I am able to open up to others.


At work, I've allowed my personality to come through in very positive ways, and in others, I have to restrain a little of my enthusiasm and cut back on my curious, collaborative attitude. Most often, my bosses expect me to carry out their instructions in creative ways, but not necessarily to try to discuss their instructions to find a completely different way of doing things.

Missing Puzzle Piece

My personality, if I'm listening to my talentoday profile, is rebellious to authority, unmotivated by job security and money, and without much self-confidence. But I am also responsible, an independent, a leader. I am determined with an affinity for handling stress. I guess my lack of respect for authority is what makes me sick when I think about working for some company—or maybe it’s just my dislike for starting from the bottom under a boss unknown to me. So as a professional I see myself self-employed or in a small organization with a casual atmosphere.


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