Final thoughts/projects

I will be continuing my internship through the month of May, ending after our fundraising luncheon on May 26th. However, as I'm wrapping up some major projects and moving into new environments, I've realized just how much I've learned the last four months.

The Final Days

Well, the internship is coming to a close, school is wrapping up, and I am getting a degree in less than two weeks. I think it is important to think about how this internship has helped me to grow and how I will use it in the coming days. It has been a wonderful process, working with Credo Communications, that has really showed me the parts that I love about editing and made me excited to keep pursuing jobs in that field. During my time I have edited, proofed, checked typeset copies, and helped with proposals.

Final Thoughts

Since I started at this site roughly six months ago, I think a lot has changed. Being in a professional work environment has shown me a lot about myself which has motivated a change in my work ethic. I’ve learned the importance of leads to grab readers in; the importance of thorough research not just with subject matter, but with writing styles and techniques; deadlines are everything; and what kind of tone in emails is professional for the work place.

Getting Hectic

Things are getting a bit hectic at my office. I currently have a lot of things in motion in terms of work I have to get done, and it seems to be piling up. The Health and Wellness Department has a few campaigns rolling out, and we’re trying to get prepared for those, as well as keeping up on day-to-day duties. Since we’re really close to the end of the month, I’m spending a lot of time working on the monthly newsletter, but this month I’m finding it harder to get the content out.

Expectations and Deadlines

At The Awesome Mitten I am the go to person. I’ve noticed throughout my time there that they usually have some sort of issue with their writers following through on articles. Everything gets put onto me after that. I’m one of the only people there that is ‘obligated’ in a way to get things out. I’m the only writing/editing intern, everyone else is volunteer based. It’s a lot of pressure on me to have a quick turn around but also to not disappoint Erin or Alex because they’ve already been disappointed in the process of this article.

Persistence or Annoying?

Something I've learned about myself through this internship, besides being a procrastinator (which I'm working on), is that I send a lot of emails.
I'm trying to find a happy medium between being persistent to show that I'm interested and I want to work, and being annoying and overbearing.
Usually I send out one or two or three emails throughout the week to see if there's anything they'd like me to do besides the monthly lists, which I already have included in my schedule of work since those are pretty consistent with when they're due.

The rule of good enough

First a little update as to what I have been doing and learning with my internship. I was working to edit a biography that had already been gone over once or twice to catch anything that was awkward or grammatically wrong. I had very little say in the direction of the book or any larger sections. This has forced me to step back a little bit from the work and required me to not change things that I felt were wrong structurally, which is what I usually do, and focus more on things that were either wrong or unclear. I just finished that and am waiting for the next project to come in.

Busy, Busy, Busy - Nearing the End

The next few weeks are going to be incredibly stressful. I am currently working on 4 blog posts for Ariel for her to post in the next coming weeks, I'm working on all the client contracts, and the style guide. It's nearing the end of the semester and group projects, and huge papers are starting to take over my time, so I'm worried about how I'm going to get all of this done. I know that I'm pretty good with time management, but I do worry about getting all of this stuff done in time.


This week, and the next couple weeks are going to be a real test to my ability to juggle everything. These past weeks I’ve been getting assignment after assignment. I’m so excited and happy that I’m getting more responsibility but with the end of the semester fast approaching: it’s crunch time.

Who I Am/Want to Be

Being part of the Health and Wellness team has really helped me to grow and understand the type of person I am, professionally speaking, and what kind of career I imagine myself having in the future.


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