Changing of the Season

This week I mostly worked on finishing up my interviews and article that was due Friday. I also had to make sure that the others who were writing articles for Colleagues had their articles turned in as well. About half of them needed an extension until Monday, which isn’t really a big deal because we’re not too crunched for time.

Pre-Portfolio Preparation

If I’m being completely honest, the idea of an online portfolio kind of freaks me out. Oh, I know it’s an easily manipulated, accessible, and useful tool, but it’s also a form of online representation that I do not have the ability to explain in person. It’s a digitized folder of my work that has to stand on its own and speak to my merit and value as a professional writer without any additional input from me.

Portfolio Planning

I'll be honest--I haven't thought long and hard about my portfolio. I've considered it, but even now it feels like something that's still a long ways off. I know it's really not, but sometimes it's hard to make my brain conform to the normal progression of time. So, digging a bit deeper into it and thinking a bit more about it, here's what I've come up with.

Outlining Concepts of My Portfolio

The main objective I see for creating a digital portfolio is towards bettering my job opportunities. Being able to document my internship experience is just a component to the overall goal of this portfolio. It’s important that I’m able to add my internship experience to the portfolio, but it’s more important to have a variety of accomplishments that would allow for numerous employers to gain interest in me.

Digital Portfolio

Aside from documenting my performance and experience in my internship, my main cause for the portfolio is to showcase my work and my skills to potential employers and publishers. This is how I plan to market myself as a creative and professional writer. I think it is a great first step into the professional workplace. I hope that it can set the tone of my work with the theme, as well as create an easy-to-navigate site for those interested in my portfolio.

Digital Portfolio Plans

Until now I had never used or even researched information regarding wordpress and how to set one up, so I took a lot of time reading over the web links provided in hopes of quickly learning what wordpress is all about. Let’s just say it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. All of the web links made it seem like it was as simple as clicking a few buttons but I think it took me more along the lines of 15 minutes to successfully set up my wordpress - but I did it.

Portfolio Thoughts

-Besides documenting your internship experience. what are your other objectives for creating this portfolio?

Well, I think this would also be a good way to review my past works and document my different abilities to showcase in the future. You never know when you'll be asked to bring it in for a presentation, job, or some other type of project. It's good to be prepared and organized what whatever may happen in life. Personally, this will be specifically for employment uses. If i go freelancing after this, having a digital portfolio would be fantastic to applying to online jobs.

Preparing an Online Portfolio

My main objective for creating an online portfolio is to get a job. I want this portfolio to accurately reflect my writing and capabilities, and present me in a professional manner to help me get a job after graduation. The type of job I am looking for would be freelance journalism, as well as a publishing or editorial job.

Digital Portfolio

I have quite a bit in mind, in terms of what I'd like to do with this portfolio and how I'd like to set it up. However, I'm most certainly excited to hear and see what other people are doing/have done to see if I can use it for myself.


Ideally, my portfolio will not just document my internship, but also be a go-to resource when I apply for other jobs and graduate school. I’d like it to be an archive of what I’ve done, so I can pull up examples easily, perhaps even in situations that aren’t formal interviews. It would also be nice to have in case I have the chance to do any freelance work. I’ll be able to give to potential clients the address to look through. Of course, it won’t only serve to give samples; it will also show the areas I’m most interested in and have the strongest background in.

My Digital Portfolio Intention

As of right now, i have compiled all sorts of different works and projects that I have accomplished throughout my collegiate career. Most of these documents serve as great additions to the portfolio we will be creating this semester, and others are great pieces but don't demonstrate my best works in the industry that I see myself pursuing post graduation.


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