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I'd say I'm a very easy-going individual. I'm not pressured by high-stress situations, so I can do both the routine and the chaotic. I like more of the creative aspects of writing and I enjoy design, but I just as much love writing more professional pieces. I've had different tasks and jobs in both of these, so I'm not limited to a certain type of writing. I admit my strong suit is not comedic writing, so I will typically avoid writing that.

Personal Profile

I am definitely an outgoing person, and I have no hesitation speaking up about how I feel on a topic. Professionally, I think that I am skilled at producing work quickly. I think it's an important skill but all of my jobs have been high stress level,fast paced environments. I think that means a lot to be able to move and think to make important decisions on the spot. I have no doubt that I could work in the professional writing sense, but I also think that it would be pretty joyless to me. More of the means to an end job instead of a position that I really want to excel at.

Personal Profile

I'm not quite sure how to describe my personality. The best way I could put it, I suppose, is that I can be awkward at first, and take a little while to warm up to different situations. After the situation is familiar, though, I can be somewhat outgoing. I wouldn't say that I'm fully outgoing because big crowd situations stress me out, and I don't really like giving presentations, and things like that. I'm much more of a small group person, or independent worker. However, I enjoy helping others learn to do new things.

Personality and Professionalism

I’m a very outgoing person. I’m very talkative (usually too talkative) and enjoy making people feel comfortable when I’m interacting with them. I’m also very observant. I notice tiny details about the people and places around me and feel that I can read people very well. I think I’m more aware of people’s feelings because I’m highly sensitive. I take jokes too seriously and have to make a conscious effort to not take criticism about my work personally. In the professional sense, I think that I am able to communicate effectively within an office space.

Week of Nov. 13

I would definitely say that I am a curious person. It's one of my defining characteristics. I love to see and do new things, but at the same time I'm not a crazy risk taker. I don't skydive, and I you won't catch me on a motorcycle. I am also very polite, but I've been told at times that I can be too polite. I don't know how many times people have requested I don't call them sir or ma'am. Apparently a lot of people think those titles make them sound old.


Briefly describe your personality.

I have an "idealist" personality. I desire meaningful relationships with people and am focused on personal journeys and human potential. I am kindhearted and giving, happiest when I am taking care of another. Conflict and confrontation easily upset me and I am too hard on myself. I am passionate and eager to learn. I am an introvert who becomes stressed easily.

How do you see yourself as a professional?

Workplace Personality and Professionalism

• Briefly describe your personality.
Like many other people, I believe in the Meijer Briggs personality test, and identify with my four letters: ENFP. I am an extrovert, receiving energy from being around people. I am intuitive, piecing things together – a problem solver. The F, or “Feeling” in my score is moderately high, and I like to think I am very in tune with my emotions, feeling them, understanding them, and for the most part, controlling them. I am perceptive, seeing things that typically lay beneath the surface.

Realistic Future

It’s a hard thing defining my personality I think – which might sound silly but it’s true for me. I would say I am a laid-back kind of person, with a very impatient attitude when something needs to be finished. I think I’m fairly agreeable and open to change. I’m also fairly stubborn when I disagree with an idea – but I take criticism from superiors (like edits and such) very well.


WordPress seems to be a tricky website to navigate. It takes longer to figure out simple things on this site. Usually other blog sites I can figure out after an hour or so but this one is taking more time to get the hang of.

I like the idea of an online portfolio. Instead of just a paper resume, an online platform gives a variety of ways to get a sense of someone's personality. Based on the font, theme, colors, pictures, and design of the portfolio, someone can get a below the surface view of a person.

September 26-October 2

And so the cycle begins anew! After feeling successful with my first published article and riding a wave of acceptance, I thought I’d have more time to recalibrate or at least lay back for a minute. Nope. The assignment intensity only ramped up as Lindsay threw an even bigger story at me: a full page story called The West Michigan Hangover Guide. Of course I was excited for the larger word count but I also felt more pressure to repeat the same well-received results.


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