Stay Still, Dog!

I have to admit, I never expected to be a brief photographer when I signed up for this internship, but I was last week. Christine (my internship coordinator and owner of the businesses) is having me pose as her six little bichons on Facebook. They're the mascots of Skandis Fine Wines, so I just have to post something cute and clever next to a photo some days and call it good.

Mindless Activities Are Necessary

So far, things are going well at my internship. I have received more editing on my article from my supervisor and am working to revise it to get it ready to be published to the website. I'm finding that I am more aware of the specific style of writing that my supervisor is looking for, and I'm getting closer and closer to that with each revision. I'm also becoming a lot more comfortable with the coworkers and other interns at my office. Many coworkers know me by name because my supervisor posted pictures and info about us on an intern board in the staff kitchen.

Top Ten

This week I’ve gotten into more of the writing sides of things. I had to stall on the creation of the Facebook page, so instead I am using this time to generate articles that can be used for publishing on the page. I’m really unfamiliar with article writing, however, so it has been a lot of research at this point. The feel wanted for these articles is rather fun and light hearted, rather than serious factual information. Mostly they are going to be used for attention grabbing. This means that they also have to prompt social interaction.

Stength in Number

This week proved to be a little more hectic than usual. Our truck that delivers the pallet of newspapers comes every other Thursday morning. I usually go and pick it up after my 12-2pm course, and begin to distribute in between then and my 6-9pm class. That usually gives me enought time to finish at least Allendale's distribution. I usually go and do Grand Rapids that night, and finish up if I really have to Friday after I am out of work in the afternoon.

It's Not Even October Yet

I'm beginning to feel like everything is caving in on me. I know that part of the objective for this class is learning to balance everything that's going on. However, it's only October, and I think I'm losing balance. Figuring this whole time management thing out will take some time, but I know I'll get it. I have to.

I'm Not Superhuman, I'm Not Superhuman, I'm Not...

Over the last couple days I've found myself constantly thinking about all of the duties and projects I have going on, and it is seriously stressing me out. I'm the kind of guy that, when asked to do something, will say, "Oh, of course I can do that," "Yep, sure, no problem at all," "I'd love to," etc. The thing is, in the moment of saying these incriminating words, I mean it. I could do any of the tasks given to me, but since I keep saying yes I now find myself with several looming projects.

I Wasn't the One to Say It Sucks First

Although I absolutely love document design and using InDesign and Illustrator and Photoshop, I actually felt a little out of my element when starting my first big project for my internship, the brochure for one of her Royal Manors.

Week of Sept. 25

The life of a journalist sounds like the most glamorous, exciting job in the world on paper. Sure it may not be quite as exciting as say, someone who reviews supercars for a living, but it's still pretty good. For example, I may get an assignment to myself drive and review a supercar for some reason. I think that is much of the appeal of being a journalist, in many cases you get paid to have experiences and then write about them. Depending on what publication you work for and where you live, the possibilities can be endless for what sorts of things you get exposed to.

Internship at Skandis Fine Wines

Hello! I'm Jessica Swarts and I'm a senior writing major this year. This post is a tad overdue, but my internship started a bit late into the game so this is also starting a bit late. But here I am!

I am interning at Skandis Fine Wines, a wine distributing company that also tries to save and promote the obscure grape varietals and lesser-known wines of Italy; and The Royal Manors, a company that allows people to rent out fancy and huge manors/estates for different events. My supervisor owns both companies, so she switches me from one business to the other during the internship.

Week ofSept. 18

A few weeks ago I talked about multitasking as it relates to outlining and writing an article while still scheduling and conducting interviews. As hectic as it can be just to keep all of these different tasks straight, an even bigger issue can be the interview process itself and the many ways it can go wrong.


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