Reflections at the end of the semester

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how the responsibilities I’ve been given and the skills I’ve learned and become more comfortable with in my internship. In my final report there are a few things I could focus on for the “major activity” section. For instance, I could definitely discuss how my clerical skills have improved, particularly in conducting a high volume of professional email correspondence. I could also focus on the experience of writing my article for submission. I might find a way to discuss the two.

End of Semester Update

As the semester comes to an end, so does my internship with Wildlife Rehab Center. Since winter holiday I have been working closely with the wildlife rescue to help make their website as great as possible and to leave them with an online presence they can easily continue to update. Throughout the semester I've worked alongside my supervisor and it's been a wonderful experience for us both. It had become such a part of my life that until I added this internship to my resume, I hadn't quite realized how helpful it will be for future careers.

Meeting Notes

I looked up the guidelines for the internship report that is due near the end of the semester, and I realized that I'm not sure what my technical title is. I have been doing a wide variety of work with several different people, but I don't think that there has been a main emphasis. Sure, writing is always a large part of my work, but I also do a lot of designing and brainstorming for projects. I also recently started to update my (dearly lacking) LinkedIn and got stumped again when choosing a work title.

Other Experiences

I may have mentioned this before (I'm almost sure I have), but it's important for a writer to expose and learn as many new things about writing as possible. It helps diversify your skills as a writer and helps you gain perspective and experience. I've been emulating this as of late and been taking many opportunities to expand my own skillset and learn about new types of writing.

Wasted Time

I spent a lot of time last week uploading contacts into the Paperless Post website for the electronic Save the Dates. I realized right near the end of my hours of copy and pasting that there was a much faster way I could have transfered the contacts. This thought really aggravates me. However, I did catch a few mistakes while I was entering them one by one, so in my mind, that makes it worth it. The Save the Dates went out this morning!

Blog 11

Right, so, I have hit a bit of a snag with my latest blog for Simbolei.

And by “bit of a snag”, I mean a big snag.

See, Andrea was supposed to email me some websites about reading fluency for this one, that I could quote and thing like that.

And I kept checking my email, but nothing.

And, for some reason that I cannot fathom, and it truly worries me just how often I say things similar to that phrase, I did not think to email her about this until Friday. Needless to say, perhaps because of the time, I never got an answer.

Interview #2

This week I wrote an article about one of the board members based on the interview I had with her over email. She didn't answer my questions in order consecutively, she answered the questions together in three paragraphs that were all related to the subject of the questions, which in the end helped me write the article more easily because the quotes sounded more authentic. It was interesting too because the board member I had the email interview with is my supervisor's sister, so my supervisor had an idea of how she would respond and probably how my post would be before I finished it.

Site and Assignment Update

This past week at my site, we have still been just dealing with authors who haven’t been getting back to us with edits, as well as with those who haven’t responded to our emails. This has been frustrating for me as I have been expected to reach out to these writers and create a sense of urgency, so I have really had to work on my word choice when sending emails. I also got to listen in on a grant meeting—mostly about the allocation of funds—so that was interesting as well.

Enthusiasm and Surprises

As of late, a good chunk of my work at WAR has been administrative tasks. There were those days when I had little to do. This past Monday, I shifted departments (a requirement of my internship site) and researched mega churches for four hours in the volunteer center (which was not as easy as it may sound).

Where I'm At

With only 3 weeks left, my time at WRC is winding down. I feel like I've done so much and learned so many new things. I have been able to use my writing and editing skills, as well as build my strength in customer service and coordination. I think my favorite part so far has been seeing the steps of work that it takes to help clients and make WRC run smoothly. There are orientation, interviews, classes, brochures, newsletters, and the usual administrative stuff that allows WRC to help clients.


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