Advantages vs Disadvantages of a Virtual Internship

This week has been crazier than my usual busyness due to the fact that I have big projects at my internship colliding with final projects for my classes on the same week. It’s both challenging and draining since I can only give so much to each task. While looming frustrations over my inability to perfect each of my projects persists, I’m looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel which is Thanksgiving recess.

Making Blog Entries on Recovering

Over the last month, things have been crazy. Internships, brochures, so many brochures. My portfolio is going to be full of them! Classes are piling up, and I can not wait for Thanksgiving break, so I can finally get on top of things again. This week I have been writing blogs for my supervisor, well, they are more like little blurbs on lager articles to get clients and potential clients interested in trading them.

Tiring Tug-of-War

I’m a senior in college, almost 22 years old, and haven’t actually played tug-of-war in a very, very long time. But, much to my not so happy surprise, this past week at Steelcase has felt a lot like playing tug-of-war between good and bad.

Still Moving, Slowly but Surely

Articles are finally being finished for the publication. At this point it’s not up to me for finishing them, or at least the ones with major revisions. We’ve sent those to other faculty members to make sure that my edits are working. So far, with the two that have been looked over, my edits have worked out with only a few, minor grammatical changes needed.

Jet Pack Blues

AKA I have the greatest internship I think I could have gotten, but I still want more.

The title of my blog post comes from a Fall Out Boy song, which will hardly surprise anyone who knows me. In an interview with Kerrang, Pete Wentz, who wrote the song, explains that it’s a reference to the Jetsons and that “the song was this idea that you can't ever get enough – you always ask the genie for more wishes! You have this perfect future life, but you still get the blues.”

Rehearsals and Meetings and Feedback, Oh My!

This has been a very busy week for me. I went to a rehearsal for LTCT's A Christmas Story on Tuesday so I could interview some of the cast and take pictures for an article I'm writing for the newspaper. That was a lot of fun, because the show is a comedy with lots of kids in it--and that automatically makes rehearsals more entertaining.

Internship Update and Applying for More

There is not much that has been going on with my internship that is worth noting. This week I have been emailing back and fourth with my supervisor about one of my articles. I got to send him the photos of the artists that I interviewed for that article. I look forward to (hopefully) seeing that one in print. I also got to finish up a short article for the December issue about the literary events going on in Grand Rapids. Nothing big though, these were things that I had already been working.

Experience Reflections

Well, I do not have any real news. As I mentioned in class after my post last week, I received an email from my boss who gave me a better idea of the time frame that this editing process would take, and that there might be some possible delays because the man I had interviewed was getting some teeth pulled so he might take a little longer to get back about the chapter I wrote. That is what happened since the post last week. And, this week, still not real news. I am not particularly concerned about it because it is nearing the end of the term and I have a few big projects due.

Adapting to the Workworld

I was thinking to myself the other day, and realized that this past week in the office, I was more in a more receptive mode. Usually I am most concerned with my work and getting it done in a timely manner.

Don't get me wrong, I still did the norm and have roughly 90% of the Volleyball brochure finished. I also have been tasked with doing the "Grand Vegas" themed basketball game flipcard which will have a more designed product than the traditional ones.

One Step Forward...Two Steps Back

In my last blog I wrote about how I had come to accept all of the hardships I have faced during my internship at the library such as:

1. not having InDesign
2. not being able to design flyers the way I wanted
3. and pretty much everything involving the Newsletter

Well, I should have knocked on wood or something because here I am, back at square one, feeling frustrated all over again. Why?


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