Week ofSept. 18

A few weeks ago I talked about multitasking as it relates to outlining and writing an article while still scheduling and conducting interviews. As hectic as it can be just to keep all of these different tasks straight, an even bigger issue can be the interview process itself and the many ways it can go wrong.


This week, I was called out for a mistake. Jack and I have been working hard on completing a "beer spreadsheet." For our October issue there will be a section with short blurbs about breweries in Michigan. Our deadline was last Friday (we didn't meet deadline). The whole project ended up being so much more work than either of us planned or expected. We had to call each brewery with the job of getting a short interview about featured beers, or updates at the brewery. It seems simple but it wasn't.

The Route and the Damage Done

As I prepped myself for distributing this past week, I learned a valuable lesson in not winging it. I have a limited window in-between my classes on Thursdays (from 2:00 to 6:00) to pickup the papers. Where I failed this past week was thinking in my head that I could then distribute all of the product at once in that limited window of time. That is first off practically impossible (as I learned later), and incredibly naive. I am no hero, nor am I required to distribute those papers that quickly.

I Wish I Was Super Woman

I’ve noticed a lot about myself while working at my internship, going to school, and working a second job. Mostly, I’ve realized that I am not Super Woman, as much as I’d like to think I am. Going into this semester, I realized that I would be busy, but I didn’t necessarily realize just how hectic my schedule was going to be. Taking 19 credits in school is difficult in itself –when you add on an internship and a second job, there really isn’t much time to relax throughout the week.

Meeting the Team // Blast You, InDesign!

This past week marked the meet-and-greet event with the CYC’s volunteers and tutors. I also met the other program intern and the program manager. The intern, Shukri, is an English and Gender Studies major at Grand Valley. She seems to be doing the internship for fun, and is aiming to use her knowledge in Gender Studies to create certain lessons for the kids. Together, she and I will be creating culturally and ethnically relevant lesson plans to give the kids a sense of identity and global empathy/understanding. I’m really looking forward to it.

If I Say Things Have Been Fun, Will I Jinx It?

This week marked what I felt was my first real week of doing internship work for We the Eaters. Prior to this point, I had been trying to figure out demographics for the blog, and doing a little bit of research for articles. After talking with my coordinator, Amy, on Tuesday, she told me to start working on our Pinterest page. Wednesday evening I began my social media interning, and it was awesome.

Balance, balance, balance.

My biggest struggle right now is, balance. Balance between my school assignments and internship assignments. Balance between socializing and studying. Balance between relaxing and working.

The Meeting That Was Actually an Interview, and the Flyer

In my last blog I mentioned that I was attending a meeting with the CYC Program Director, Meghan McAfee and a representative from New City Kids, which I discovered is an after school program in Grand Rapids that has a faith-based philosophy behind it. Before the meeting I thought that we were meeting with them to schedule how our instructors, including myself, were going to work together. However, on the way there, Meghan informed me that we weren't sure if there would be a partnership yet, and this meeting was meant to "test the waters."

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

In my last blog I talked about getting my schedule together. To follow through with this, I presented my schedule to my supervisor. While I seemed to think how I had some things laid out was a good plan, he wanted to change some things around. So similar to many of the experiences we've been talking about in class, I had to rework my plans a bit. This was a little challenging for me, since I had sort of gotten ahead of myself in thinking about how I was going to do things. But the changes were subtle enough that I can easily go with the flow on this one.

Achieving Personal Goals

The past week at my internship has gone very well. I was expecting to show my supervisor my rough draft article on Friday but she was out of the office, so she assigned tasks for me to complete. First, I hardcore self-edited my article. After printing it off and reading it, I realized there were a lot of things that needed to be fixed. Looking at a hard copy of piece as opposed to looking at it on a computer screen just isn’t the same. I know that if I found many errors in my writing that my supervisor will find even more.


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