Diversity in Location

Weekly Blog, 7/3

One thing I've learned throughout my internship, specifically at the City Pulse is their belief in diversity of location, specifically the location of environment employees work in. There were many times throughout the week that my supervisor would tell me to go home to work on an assignment, or simply take a walk, go visit a coffee shop or do an interview in person. I never quite understood what appeared to be his flexibility until a recent conversation.

16 Things To Ask A Supervisor

5/22 blog.

The article addresses very specific and important questions that any new employee should ask, to gain a better understanding of the office. Reflecting on my experience at the City Pulse, I see how many of these questions are relevant. Since having previous experience in an office setting, many of these questions came to mind before even starting the internship.

An element that was very helpful is my supervisor was eager to answer and address many of the questions included in the article before I even asked them.

Job Searching Tips

I have added an APR minor over the course this summer to increase my chances of finding a job after college and to increase my knowledge and skill levels. My expected graduation date should be sometime in the winter of 2018 now, and I believe this will give me plenty of time to prepare myself for the job market while I learn strategies on the best ways to market myself and my work.

The Struggle of a Job Search

It is very common for students of my generation to worry about getting a job after graduating from college. Many of my friends who have already graduated have discussed how hard it was for them to find a suitable position, or even just a place that would hire them. I plan to graduate at the end of winter semester in 2017, and hopefully I can find a job before I graduate. However, I know that isn't always easy, and sometimes students go unemployed for months after they graduate.

Thoughts on the Job Search

I don’t actually have a LinkedIn yet, so I thought the details contained in the articles about networking, especially through social media and professional websites. Especially since the second article specifically targeted Twitter as a prime way to network, I need to reconfigure my personal Twitter toward marketing myself and my skills and start specifically targeting companies in my job field. The advice about targeting companies directly was also helpful, as I have a tendency to be a little passive when it comes to contact in general.

Job Search Tips and Advice

The job search and preparation tips that I found the most helpful are the various links and information provided in the “Job Search Strategies” reading, particularly the links for professional associations, career research databases, and the creative methods of job searching. As I have life circumstances that make it very difficult to work outside the home, the information provided gives me a good starting point in how to network with individuals and companies as a freelance writer.

Job Search Advice

The three articles assigned for this week had a lot of great advice for people looking to enter the job market. One piece of helpful advice given was to follow blogs that have job listings. My WordPress accounts can be put to further use by subscribing to blogs that could help me find jobs in the future. I also thought that it was good advice to have someone write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn. This adds further credibility to your profile and can help you stand out from the competition.

Sharing Knowledge As A Newcomer

I think newcomers gain a lot of respect, in a short period of time. As the newcomer article discusses, there are many opportunities for a new hire or student intern to not only gain experience, but share the expertise he/she has.

The Job Search

Unlike a significant amount of seniors, I will not be looking for a job after graduation. Although I imagined myself graduating, moving back home and spending countless hours searching for jobs, I was blessed to receive a full-time job offer for after graduation last year. So for that aspect of the blog entry, I won't be on the market and I don't have any job search plan, in fact, the job came to me. I will be working full time for CBRE|Martin, the world's #1 commercial real estate company, specializing in social media & marketing.

And the Search Continues

I think the most helpful tip I found was in “7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media.” The first tip about looking for people is something that I think that would be very helpful. This I believe would be good especially if I look through LinkedIn for GVSU graduates. This would be great as it would be something that I could use to get a foot in the door and relate through shared experiences. Another tip I found helpful was the letter of recommendation.


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