Understanding style

There was a little bit less pressure at work this week than previous weeks partly for two reasons. The first reason is that we were not going to print this week so there is still a week before the deadline. The second reason is my supervisor was sick with hay fever.

Luckily though I was still able to be in contact with him if I had any questions or needed his help. He was also able to give me two assignments to work on so I was still able to keep productive in his absence.

Second to the Last Week!

I'm in total shock that next week will be my final one on-site at Cranbrook. I can't believe how the time has flown by! I know this sounds super cliche, but it seems like only yesterday I was driving to Bloomfield Hills for my first morning there.


This week has been a lull in my writing internship. My supervisor has been traveling a lot and we have not had a lot of time to work together lately on the catalog. I have continued to work on the blog and things have continued to progress normally with that. To make up for not being able to work on my project this week the library has had me start helping out a little more at programs and learning more about their computers and tablets.

It's already July!

Where has the time gone?

Highs and Lows

I haven't done much writing with my internship this week, as I've been dealing with a difficult family emergency. My supervisor is, thankfully, very understanding.

Learning Every Week

This past week I met with the president of Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters for the first time. I sat in on the meeting with her, my supervisor (vice-president), and the event coordinator to discuss the Business Series I’m writing a grant for. It was something that should have been intimidating, but was completely laid back and made my interning role feel important. I was able to make suggestions, ask questions, and challenge some ideas that arose and it felt great.


Okay, so this week's reading I was really able to relate to in a very unexpected way.
This past Wednesday, my fellow intern, Paige, and I met to discuss and really "crack down" on some lesson planning for our Cook Library Scholars. We were sitting in our office at the Cook Library center, brainstorming ideas on how we could teach our Scholars english-related things like grammar and poetry and nonfiction, without totally confusing them/boring them to death. This is where I strongly believe my rhetorical expertise came in handy in a big way.

(8) A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Within the first day of writing with one of my professors my sophomore year, he drew something on the board and asked if we knew what it was.
My first thought - it’s a triangle.
Without the ring and the wand I did not understand the relevance of the cape.
Turns out it was the rhetoric triangle.
Correction – it’s the Rhetoric Triangle.
The emphasis is very important.

Gaining Power

Honestly, there really hasn't been much for me to gain power over. In my internship for the library I mostly work on my project alone and interact with others very little. They already gave me the freedom to choose my own schedule. There is not really any reason for me to need to gain more power in my workplace. Occasionally I have an idea that I suggest to my boss and sometimes she likes it and sometimes she doesn't, but it is never anything so important that I think the success or failure of the project rides on it.


“In other words, authority is a type of legitimate power based on position.” This line stood out to me while reading this article. In reference to my own internship I think it's fairly easy to break down the positions of power. Brian has the most authority, has the author of the books and self-publisher of his books. The next in line would be Jenny would be the next in line, as she is the virtual assistant to Brian but also the one that designed the website and is in charge of organizing the blog posts.


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