Enthusiasm and Surprises

As of late, a good chunk of my work at WAR has been administrative tasks. There were those days when I had little to do. This past Monday, I shifted departments (a requirement of my internship site) and researched mega churches for four hours in the volunteer center (which was not as easy as it may sound).

Where I'm At

With only 3 weeks left, my time at WRC is winding down. I feel like I've done so much and learned so many new things. I have been able to use my writing and editing skills, as well as build my strength in customer service and coordination. I think my favorite part so far has been seeing the steps of work that it takes to help clients and make WRC run smoothly. There are orientation, interviews, classes, brochures, newsletters, and the usual administrative stuff that allows WRC to help clients.

(Guilty) Line Editing

March has been a busy month for Strick. First, we had to plan for a big trade show in Grand Rapids which involved several design projects and phone calls. After that we switched gears and focused on re-vamping the company catalog. Every year around this time, the annual product catalog is printed and sent out. I’ve had to reference the old catalog several times when I worked on the company’s “About Us” section for the new website, plus when I was inputting product data. The catalog has been designed on Microsoft Word I think since it was first put together.

A very productive week

The past week has been really busy with the journal, but I've been loving it. I’m still working on my article (which should be done in the next few days), I've been reviewing submissions to the journal, and I've been giving my feedback to both my supervisor and to the submitters. Last week I had a very productive meeting with my supervisor. Before the meeting, he asked me to read over the six submissions to the journal we had received. Two of those articles were the ones he had me review over spring break.

Making a Video

This week, I went to the Heartside Art Studio to work on the video project for my internship. I am making a video to accompany my article highlighting LadyFest, and renting equipment from GRTV to make it. This equipment is really intense, and it made me nervous to have to carry it around and use it.

Reflecting on the Semester and Future Opportunities

This semester has been one of the most difficult semesters for me: I am taking eighteen credits with my internship, and I work two part time jobs. While my workload for my other classes becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, the Women’s Center is actually a haven because it allows me to relax and freely discuss my opinions and thoughts while still receiving credit for the internship. Essentially, my interests are more often reflected within my internship than my actual coursework.

Blog 10

So, made the last and hopefully final, small revisions to the volunteer guide for Simbolei. This final copy will be shown to Andrea, and then emailed when given her approval. There is potentially one thing I might need to work on for it, but that is it. My work will go and be used for the purpose for which it is intended.
Which is good, because I've got tonight and until about 2:30 tomorrow to get the interview blog for Kellie done.

Looking Forward

It's surprising but exciting to think that we have four weeks of actual class left, and then it's finals week. April comes next week, and once it arrives, the rest of the semester will fly by. If I was staying in the Grand Rapids area, I would definitely continue to volunteer at Wildlife Rehab Center. Unfortunately for that scenario, I'm moving back to my hometown which is almost two hours away. Therefore it's time to plan out what all me and my supervisor want to accomplish before the semester ends.

Ready for Publication

We were very busy this past week finishing the final draft of the book. We had the entire book laid out in a Google doc that was sent to Schuler Books for publication over the weekend. One of the CYC's founders, Cecile Fehsenfeld, owns Schuler Books. Every year, they put the final version of the book together.

Reflecting on the semester

As a writer, it's important to evaluate your writing style as you continue to work and I think I've been doing a lot of this lately. I've found that my creative work has been coming to me much easier than it has in the past. On the other side of things, my professional work has been hitting a bit of a slump. It's not that I haven't been performing well, more that I've been finding a lack of drive towards my "professional" endeavors. I think it may be simply a lack of sleep; the few weeks since spring break have been keeping me busy.


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