Digital Portfolio Brainstorm

I had never considered making a digital portfolio for myself before, not one that I would actually use anyway. I have a paper one showcasing what I feel is my best writing (up to date) and there's always just been something more meaningful to me about holding the actual papers in my hands. I know that it gets unlikelier everyday that a job application will request a paper copy of my work, everything is moving toward digital. We even talked about how LinkedIn accounts are all that is requested when applying for a job in certain cases.

Independent Intern

The Colleagues proposals for articles are finally beginning to come in which has kind of pushed me into a more authoritative person within the Center for Educational Partnerships. All I really mean by that is my responsibilities have gone up, as all proposals are being fielded by me first and then checked over by my supervisor. I'm actually getting pretty excited to start editing these and getting back to a more independent work environment rather than constantly have to ask anyone if they need assistance with their projects and floating between things in the office.

Some Improvements for the Next Round

Today is the last day of the short story competition, so this last week has been a mad rush to read and report on the rest of the submissions. I’ve been really busy the last two weeks with the homework buildup to midterms, and I did not have nearly as many done as I had hoped. This means that I spent most of this last weekend trying to finish as many readings as possible. I’m much closer now, but I’ve realized that I don’t actually know whether or not I’m supposed to be all the way through these or not.

Good vibes

After having finally finished my first complete assignment for Carol's Ferals last week - a graphic about specific training sessions for volunteers that would be viewed in their mewsletter - I felt a little drained. I cannot place what it was, but I definitely felt like moving on. We talked about it in class a little, the idea of being worried you were letting your supervisor or anyone else in the company down.

Taking other professions into consideration

When choosing my areas of study, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them. I only knew that I was passionate about and was good at both writing and French. Ever since I’ve started college, my thoughts on what I wanted to do for a career was only general, with perhaps a few examples such as copy editor or freelance writer, even though I didn’t understand the jobs to their full extent in the beginning. I also wasn’t sure if I had certain skills that were required for the jobs, even after three full years of college courses and experience.

Time Management

I have never exactly thought of myself has being good with time management, I am a true procrastinator, and so I always tend to wait until the very last possible second to get things done. My "time management" usually centers around how much time I allow myself to read or watch netflix. But during this internship, I learned a little more about my time management. Considering I had weekly/daily goals that I had to complete, I would work it out in my head to how I would do these things.

Stress about Funding and How to Survive

Last Friday I got a really stressful email about funding for Writers Under Thirty from GLCL staff. I’d been scheduling events for November and December, creating events under the impression that my programming was funded and that I didn’t need to worry about paying for it. This email, politely, encouraged me to find funding for my program in collaboration with others on staff so that GLCL could support Writers Under Thirty.

Best Week So Far!

This past week at my internship I had a blast of productivity. I was able to really put in the time to get even more interviews under my belt. These interviews went really smoothly and I am excited to get the blog series "Behind the Grind" up and running. WordPress can be difficult to use at times, mostly because it is so repetitive and the desktop computer has the slowest internet connection known to mankind. Despite this, the long days at the office have been worth it. I am also excited because we are sending one of the guys I interviewed a COFFEEBOXX.

All-New, Long-Lasting Disorientation

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, my manager will be going on maternity leave very soon—she might have already left, though I won’t know until Tuesday. They aren’t getting anyone to come in and fill her shoes, so the office will be taking on tasks here and there to bridge the gap. They’ll already have so much more to worry about and they won’t have time for me, so my manager moved my last day up to the end of this month.

Another Week

After the madness of last week, I really didn't have much going this week. I am trying to get ahead on writing some different articles, particularly one about turf wars in freshman college dorms. I might have totally ruined my life with this one because I procrastinated coming up with ideas for this weeks issue and I made a suggestion to do an out of the box idea (which I usually have nothing for) that would utilize technology that I do not quite know how to use.


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