Literacy Citizenship in an Undergraduate World

I met with Roni Devlin, my internship coordinator, over coffee at Wealthy Street Bakery last Monday. She’s busy— she’s studying for her state boards, she has a vacation in Ireland planned, and the GLCL is seeing some internal change. Since beginning my internship, I’ve learned how to better communicate, so instead of skirting around what I’d like to do I give her some mock up itineraries for a few ideas I’m working on. The last few times I’ve met with Roni I’ve come a little unprepared, but this time I am armed with an arsenal of ideas to save both me and her some time.

Research and trying to work ahead.

Caught a break this week and only had to write one article as opposed to three last week. I got more time to plan out my top 10 list and find pictures for the piece. My need for technical proficiency in Photoshop is becoming more apparent. For the last few weeks I've been able to just find images that fit the work and suggest ideas. It's really makes me wish that I had done multi-modal composing so that I could easily put images together.

The Lone Writer

So far being an intern has been a really amazing experience. I feel empowered by my supervisor and coworkers to do good work, and seeing the content I have written spread through our online channels is very satisfying. With the good times, there are also learning curves. I realized quickly during my time in the office, that self-discipline is extremely important. Being friends with my fellow interns and even the fulltime staff means the work environment is great, but it also means that I need to find ways to get work done.

Week Two/Getting My Feet Wet

So we're coming up on the end of my second week interning with the Center for Educational Partnerships. Currently there is not a whole lot to report. As I've mentioned in a few of my earlier posts the Colleagues magazine still has a few weeks before it really kicks off. For me, that means working on more office-related tasks than projects for the magazine right now. I'm actually glad for this kind of set-up because it's letting me get my toes wet before diving right into the deep end of the project.

New Applications I learned

For this internship, I went in knowing that I was going to focus a lot on Public Relations work. This was a bit scary for me cause I had never actually taken a PR class, but I was adding it as another minor along with French and my writing major. So when I initially started, a lot of what I did was just blogging and web content. The blogging was primarily SEO with a few 'fun' blogs that I wrote of my choosing, but then after some time of doing this, I also started using 'linkedin' to help develop the business. I had never used linkedin before so this was an entire learning process.

New Technologies

I talked a bit about how I was going to be doing some scriptwriting to create instructional videos. The videos are meant to inform both Carol's Ferals volunteers and the general public about how to catch feral cats so that they can be brought to Carol's. When introduced to the idea, I was also told about a website called Powtoon, where you can create videos/presentations with a paid account.

New Technology Application

So far this internship has been giving me lots of opportunities to learn more about using the technology necessary for accessing digital books. I had assumed previously that it would be common for programs such as the Kindle app or iBooks to have ways of making comments in the margins of the viewing page, but have not yet found any program at all that will allow this.

Compliments of The Black Sheep

When I started this internship, I didn't know exactly what to expect. Sure, I knew it was a satirical journal and, although I have done previous freelance writing for newspapers and took a couple journalistic classes back in high school, I knew that this was going to be different. For one thing, staff writers at The Black Sheep are required to write at least one article per week, sometimes two or three depending on what is needed.

Asking the Right Questions

I’ve conducted one phone interview so far and tomorrow will be attempt number three at an in-person one; a second phone interview will ideally happen tomorrow too. I am still a little nervous because I don’t like interviews. That’s a big reason—maybe the biggest reason—why I never even considered going into real journalism, even though I have the perfect first name for it.

"What Do You Want To Do With Writing?"

When I tell people I'm a writing major I'm almost always asked "what do you want to do with writing?" I've never had a solid answer and now that I am in my final year of college, I'm beginning to ask myself this question more than ever. The truth is, I wasn't even sure exactly where my writing could be used in the real world. I had gotten so used to only writing for classes, that I had not given much thought into where my writing might go beyond that until I began my internship.


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